The Maine – “Girls Do What They Want”

Track #3 off of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, released 2008

There are songs out there that are iconic because they’re exceptionally written, emotion provoking, or intricate and artsy, but then there are songs that are iconic without any of those features. While many might consider “good” music to be mainly comprised of these few things, sometimes all that it takes to make a good song is for it to just be catchy and fun. The Maine are especially a prime example, especially when it comes to their 2008 debut. “Girls Do What They Want” is a pop rock track that is most easily summed up by the chorus lyrics: “Girls do what they want / Boys do what they can”. While there are no exquisite guitar solos or vocal takes, there are hand claps and sing along moments that make this song such an entertaining one to see live. With a bright tone and a very distinct mid 2000s rock feel, it’s just as nostalgia inducing as it is lively, bringing about the best memories of being younger while also being so infectious it’s impossible to dislike. This song proves that the basics can really take you far, and that music is really sometimes what you make of it. And considering this song is still played at live shows to this day, it can also help create longevity by just being a nice tune to hear every once in a while. 

Live Performances

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