All Time Low – “Poppin’ Champagne”

Track #12 off of So Wrong, It’s Right, released 2007

Growing up, I primarily mostly listened to pop punk and All Time Low made common appeareances in my music library. While I wish I could say the same thing nowadays, I am happy to say that there are a few songs of theirs that still live on to be my favorites that I can listen to without ever getting bored. Released as the second single with an atrocious music video (not even sorry), “Poppin’ Champagne” isn’t a standout track because it’s necessarily stellar in sound. It’s a standout track due to it’s blunt honesty and uncertainty, a topic that resonated with my teenage self but a topic that still pertains to my life ten years later. It details getting lost in the moment, trying to find your place in the world and just being stuck. But even with this themes that most would find utterly depressing, this track is sonically very fun, with catchy choruses and a guitar solo during the bridge. It’s a song that makes me feel assured throughout all of my doubts and is one of a handful of songs that has still stuck around from my teenage years and has been meaningful throughout them all. 

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