Fall Out Boy – “My Heart Is The Worst Kind Of Weapon”

Track #16 off of From Under The Cork Tree: Black Clouds and Underdogs edition, released 2005

Most of the time when an artist released a deluxe version of an album, it’s just a few extra songs that aren’t going to be remembered a few years down the line. But when it comes to Fall Out Boy, their bonus tracks and obscure songs are even better than the original ones and deserve to be recognized. “My Heart Is The Worst Kind Of Weapon” in particular first showed up on an EP in 2004 as an acoustic tune. This demo version was a bonus track on a deluxe version of the bands 2005 sophomore album, From Under The Cork Tree. Both hit just as hard, with the latter not sounding like a demo by any means. The track is impeccably produced and sounds a bit rough around the edges, but if I hadn’t known it wasn’t the completed version, I would thought it was supposed to sound that way after all. It’s angsty and fast, coinciding perfectly with the theme of their hit from the same album “Dance Dance”, and feels a bit garage rock feeling in some spots. Just like with the other tracks, it’s also incredibly catchy and fits perfectly with the times, reminding us why Fall Out Boy were one of the leading groups in the 2000s pop punk scene. 

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