Jessica Simpson – “In This Skin”

Track #10 off of In This Skin, released 2003 

One that was very clearly overlooked in the early 2000s was the power of female pop stars. Jessica and her counterparts including Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Pink were often dismissed as simple pop stars singing simple pop songs, but beyond that standard “pop” image, they actually portrayed elements of female empowerment and undeniable confidence. Many of their songs stick out as being great examples and while I could on for days on which are my favorite, “In This Skin”, the title track of Jessica Simpson’s third studio album is one of the essential tracks. The song details Simpson’s struggles with herself and how the public perception of her as being perfect are not accurate by any means. She details being scrutinized under a camera lens, not feeling comfortable with her weight and being a weak person, but remains positive by reminding herself that she is worthy the way she is and she deserves to love herself no matter what. Even sonically, the song is mainly built off of an easy going soft rock vibe with a little bit of a grungier feel during the third verse, bringing about a feeling of frustration along with the feelings of assurance and coinciding with the lyrics to help create the bigger picture. The song brings about an amazing message, especially at a time where these young female singers were dissected like no other and demonstrates a feeling of strength that we all could use every once in a while. 

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