Selena Gomez & The Scene – A Year Without Rain

If I’m being honest, I couldn’t remember how any of these songs sounded before I sat down and re-listened to the entire project, but one thing that’s actually very cool is hearing how truly unique it was for the time and for an artist like Selena Gomez. A Year Without Rain is the second album from Selena and her band The Scene and while most of her peers were still riding the pop rock train, they completely ditched that sound from their debut and went for a pure dance pop feel. This sophomore release is drenched in elements of Eurodance, electronic and and synth, with each song basically begging you to jam out to it. The production is perfectly balanced and rather tame, but it was a deviation from what was expected at the time and while I can’t say every song lives up to the hype, there are a few that are really exceptional, especially for 2010. Music was at a turning point and this has many similarities to other popular artists at the time, but nothing is quite as comparable. It’s amazing how my adult self still enjoys plenty of these songs just as much, if not more, than my teenager self did. 


“Ghost of You”

“Off The Chain”

“A Year Without Rain”

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