Taylor Swift – Speak Now

Taylor Swift’s Speak Now will forever be a pivotal moment in my childhood. I actually remember coming across it a whole year after it was released, which was actually quite nice to be able to listen to it without any biases. It quickly became a piece of work that resonated with my young teenage self, mainly because it was centered around topics teenagers can relate to. Solely written by Taylor at the age of 19, this album is remarkable in lyricism and delivery, regardless of it coming off as a bit petty at times. Whereas her music has common themes of relationships, this collection of songs discusses them in greater detail and makes them feel much more real than her previous work up to this point. There are parts on here that are longing for love, talking about lost love or just dramatically reminiscing on a past love and truthfully, I’m here for it. This may be the closest Taylor Swift has ever come to a theatrical, almost melodramatic project and it serves as a release to feelings that are difficult to acknowledge and sort through. 



“Back To December”

“The Story Of Us”

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