The 1975 – I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet so Unaware of It

Track Listing 

  1. The 1975
  2. Love Me
  3. Ugh!
  4. A Change of Heart
  5. She’s American
  6. If I Believe You
  7. Please Be Naked
  8. Lostmyhead
  9. The Ballad of Me and My Brain
  10. Somebody Else
  11. Loving Someone
  12. I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are so Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It
  13. The Sound
  14. This Must Be My Dream
  15. Paris
  16. Nana 
  17. She Lays Down

Released: 02.26.2016

Genre: indie rock, dream pop

The 1975 came back in 2015 with a few singles and a whole new aesthetic and a whole new sound, it’s sometimes hard to believe they’re not a whole different band. Their 2013 debut was just like the dark cover implied: moody rock that was a little rough around the edges. But their 2016 sophomore album was the opposite: with this pink cover they brought about a more bright, experimental sound that somehow didn’t feel alienating. Deviating away from a more indie rock feel, I Like It When You Sleep… is oriented around a synth pop sound, with a few acoustics thrown in there and lots of instrumental only songs. Although I find that the instrumental only tracks feel like filler at times, the songs that are fully produced with lyrics are insanely catchy and entertaining, and allow the band to showcase a more zany side to the group. Each song tells a different story and sometimes the lyrics are so personified, the track feels like an actual living thing rather than just a sound. With this record, The 1975 opened up a whole new world that’s impossible not to get lost in and made some of the best songs of their career. (By the way, are we ever getting the “She’s American” music video? I’m still hoping for it). 

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