Miley Cyrus – Breakout

It’s hard to look back on the years 2008 and 2009 without remembering the Disney trilogy that was Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. All three girls had a show on the channel during this time and all three of them also embarked on a music career, delving into the pop rock vibe that was most common throughout those years. Miley released what was technically her second album Breakout in the summer of 2008 while Demi released her debut Don’t Forget that fall, and Selena came out with her first, Kiss & Tell, a year later. They all have value in some sense, whether it be a staple from the times or just some decently made dance music, but the one record out of all of them that is consistently great year after year is Miley’s project. With the iconic hit “7 Things”, this record was destined to be a collection of songs centered around growing pains and that’s exactly what it is. These tracks are heavily centered around relationships with a focus on just trying to figure things out, and really trying not to make things seem perfect when they’re not. This record is brutally honest in some spots and extremely vulnerable in others, showcasing Miley’s maturity as a young teenager (which was very overlooked at the time). Production wise, it sounds like she worked with a real, full band instead of electronic instruments which gives it a genuine rock feel, and her vocals are not just stunning, but are some of the best she’s ever sounded. Miley has proven to be a very versatile artist but I find that this is where she has excelled like no other, and it’s fun to look back and see where she started in the pop rock genre and how far she’s gotten with it since. 


“The Driveway”

“Simple Song”

“These Four Walls”
“Full Circle” 

Live Performances

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