Gram Parsons – Grievous Angel

Track Listing 

  1. Return of the Grievous Angel
  2. Hearts on Fire
  3. I Can’t Dance
  4. Brass Buttons
  5. $1000 Wedding
  6. Medley Live From Northern Quebec
  7. Love Hurts
  8. Ooh Las Vegas
  9. In My Hour Of Darkness 

Released: January 1974

Genre: country rock 

Grievous Angel is one of those albums that’s impossible to describe and can only really be understood by taking a listen. Before I heard it, I was adamant that I disliked country music but this project was strong enough to change my mind only a few songs in. It’s so down to earth sounding and makes me feel like I’m right in the heart of the country, perfectly encompassing a very specific feeling so well. This is one of those moments in time that just made perfect sense in the 70s and still makes perfect sense today. 

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