Taylor Swift – “Death By A Thousand Cuts”

Track #10 off of Lover, released 2019

I know this is a rather unpopular opinion, but I really did not like Taylor Swift’s Lover. It felt a bit recycled, almost like a mix of her two previous projects, and the singles that were released were absolutely awful (besides the title track, “Lover”, that one was fine). Regardless of the tone, however, I did enjoy the lyrical content and find a few songs that I particularly found to be excellent. Although I think there’s a general consensus that “Cruel Summer” is one of the greatest songs on here, “Death By A Thousand Cuts” is exponentially better. The track glitters with a synth in the background that doesn’t seem to line up exactly with the rest of the instrumental which is soft and very indie pop leaning, creating a sense of detachment which relates to the lyrics about losing a relationship. It’s written in a way where the relationship is very personified, creating images that showcase a boarded up home to demonstrate the feelings of loss. It’s so incredibly dense and is a perfect representation of Taylor’s songwriting, along with it being one of the most extraordinary vocal performances out of all the tracks. This song reminds me of Speak Now or Red era Taylor, where there’s so much more to the tune than meets the eye, and really puts all of her talents on clear display.

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