Paramore – “I Caught Myself”

Track #8 off of Twilight: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, released 2008

Paramore recoreded two songs, “Decode” and “I Caught Myself”, for the Twilight soundtrack which sound exactly like you would expect them to from the band back in 2008. And while “Decode” is still being played live today and is regarded as a fan favorite, this other one seems to be almost forgotten about. This was one of my absolute favorite songs back in the day and I even forgot it existed. Hearing it again after so much time has passed was a treat, and it reminded me why I liked the song in the first place. This one in comparison to the other is just very sonically pretty, with bright guitar riffs and romantic sounding melodies, but it still has the groups underlying pop punk feel which still makes it sound like it belongs in their discography. There are a few other examples of this almost elegant sound particularly in their first two albums but something about this one is just a bit different and it’s hard to place my finger on exactly what it is. Regardless, the production is so nicely handled, with varying tempos that keep it exciting for the entire duration, and with verses and choruses that seamless lead into one another. There was clearly a large amount of effort put into a song that wasn’t even released as a single for this soundtrack and I applaud the band for it. “I Caught Myself” will forever be a gem in their catalogue. 

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