Charlie Puth – Voicenotes

Charlie Puth is not the male pop star we deserve, but Charlie Puth is the male pop star that we desperately need. He garnered a handful of radio hits back around 2016 – 2018 and released his second album Voicenotes in the spring of 2018. And although I wasn’t crazy about the lyrical content of the record, the production on here was absolutely astounding and needs to be recognized. Puth handled writing and production almost entirely on his own which  displays his dual talent for both, a rarity in the music world. Considering most artists only lay down vocals and contribute to a bit of writing, the fact that he did almost everything on his own is impressive. These songs are pure pop confections with a kind of funky guitar in some places and a dance vibe that’s impossible to ignore. He really made pop music fun again and brought something new to the table at a time where it has stagnated. 


“Done For Me” ft. Kehlani

“The Way I Am”

“How Long” 

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