Panic! At The Disco – “King Of The Clouds”

Track #9 off of Pray For The Wicked, released 2018

Nowadays, it’s a little weird calling yourself a fan of Panic! At The Disco because there is a clear divide between the old, so called “original” fans that have been around since they were a full four piece and the more recent fans that joined after it became a Brendon Urie solo project. Personally, I classify myself in the former rather than the latter, and if I’m being honest, I’m really not all that interested in their most recent material. Pray For The Wicked was a nice listen at first that quickly became a grating, bloated mess of an album, but with that being said, I must admit that there is one single moment on this project that I still listen to to this day. “King Of The Clouds” is the shortest song on this entire thing and is just absolutely insane. It’s orchestral and loud, with dream like vocal distortions and lyrics that make no sense but in the best way possible. In comparison to the other tracks, this one is entertaining without being overwhelming and takes us back to the bands pop punk roots more than anything else. It even also feels like a demo, with an almost unfinished feel to it, as the track ends just as quickly as it begins. Although I definitely don’t particularly want a Pray For The Wicked part two, I wouldn’t be disappointed if this track eventually got a little more added to it. 


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