Selena Gomez – Kiss & Tell

Selena Gomez’s first attempt in the music world was mainly a product of the times, and honestly there’s nothing wrong with that. This really worked well back when it was released in 2009 and even to this day there are moments on here that are a lot of fun and serve their purpose of just being enjoyable pop songs. The tone Selena went for was slightly different than her peers, with certain tracks leaning to an almost 80’s synth pop/rock vibe with a nice balance of both genres. I would even say it resonates more in the neon pop genre than anything else, with just slightly less guitar work. For the most part, it’s dance inducing and doesn’t just linger on breakup tracks, rather putting a larger focus on being strong and independent. Although listening to this as an adult makes me realize that there are some pretty significant holes in production and lyricism, there are some very well done tracks that shouldn’t be forgotten about. 



“I Won’t Apologize”


“I Got U”

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