Ween – “Ocean Man”

Track #13 off of The Mollusk, released 1997

Anyone who’s watched the Spongebob Squarepants movie at least once must remember the song that plays right at the end, as the credits are rolling. I could never really understand the words, with the only part I could sing along to was “ocean man”, as I continued to mumble the rest of it. For years I never really looked into what the song actually was, just figuring it was made for the movie and I forgot about it for a long time. It wasn’t until actually very recently that I found it not only is it a separate tune not specifically made for the film, but it also helped inspire the series. As someone who grew up with Spongebob and as someone who still adores the show to this day, I must say that this song is the perfect representation of it. It’s soft and carefree, fun and dreamlike, and sounds exactly how you would expect a cartoon to make you feel. One of my favorite characteristics of it is how imaginative it is, and how the instrumental coincides with that. It sounds like there’s a ukulele in there but the real kicker is the fuzzy guitar solo we get during the bridge, and the drums sound simple but perfectly placed to keep it all in order. Besides just being a great song on its own, the fact that it’s associated with a cartoon that gave many us some of our best childhood memories makes this song legendary without it even trying. 

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