Forever The Sickest Kids – Underdog Alma Mater

Track Listing 

  1. Woah Oh! (Me vs. Everyone)
  2. Hey Brittany
  3. My Worst Nightmare
  4. Believe Me I’m Lying 
  5. The Way She Moves
  6. She’s a Lady
  7. Uh Huh
  8. Phone Call
  9. Breakdown
  10. That for Me
  11. Coffee Break
  12. Catastrophe

Released: 04.29.2008

Genre: neon pop punk 

Forever The Sickest Kids released their debut at a time where music was honestly just weird. The pop punk scene of the early 2000s was slowly fading and electronic themes were creeping their way in, and during this time we ended up with a strange mish mash of both genres. Lo and behold, the neon pop punk genre was born, consisting of punk guitars and pop synthesizers, with lots of groups taking advantage of this new sound. But by now, I think it’s safe to say that nothing in the neon pop genre gets any better than Underdog Alma Mater. The group just made it sound so effortlessly easy, with catchy tracks consisting of pop melodies and underlying guitar pieces that didn’t stay too far from what listeners were used to at the time. They were also interesting in the way they had three singers and still managed to sound cohesive. Whereas other groups sounded a little disoriented and unauthentic, FTSK perfected the genre with their first try, and continue to be remembered as the blueprint for the neon pop punk scene. 

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