Pierce The Veil – Selfish Machines

Track Listing 

  1. Besitos
  2. Southern Constellations
  3. The Boy Who Could Fly
  4. Caraphernelia
  5. Fast Times at Clairemont High
  6. The New National Anthem
  7. Bulletproof Love
  8. Stay Away From My Friends
  9. I Don’t Care If You’re Contagious
  10. Disasterology
  11. Million Dollar Houses (The Painter)
  12. The Sky Under The Sea

Released: 06.22.2010

Genre: post hardcore, experimental rock 

Selfish Machines is a rarity in my music library because it’s one of the only albums that I can listen to literally all the time and never get bored of it. It’s very intricately layered with various techniques and sounds ranging from pop punk and post hardcore at its base but also playing with strings, autotune, acoustics and so much more. It’s dark and moody in some spots while being melodic and catchy in others, and isn’t what many would typically think of when they hear the word “experimental”. There’s so much to unpack here when it comes to the instrumental and the lyrics, it’s really such a fun album to listen to over and over again because you’ll always find something new. 

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