Rihanna – A Girl Like Me

Listening to early Rihanna tracks is like stepping into a whole different world. Her voice still sounds incredible and is undeniably her but the general tone of especially her first two records is completely unlike anything else she’s put out and sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s the same person who came out with Good Girl Gone Bad or Rated R just a few years later. Rihanna is an artist that has shown such depth when it comes to her music and it’s actually a lot of fun to revisit where she began. A Girl Like Me is primarily a pop album on the face level, specifically when we consider the successful singles “SOS” and “Unfaithful”.  But if you look a bit between the lines, you’ll find some wonderful reggae driven tracks with pop rock influences that were quite unique for the time. You’ll also find tracks that aren’t as dramatic as the singles because if we’re being real here, hearing “Unfaithful” now makes me realize that it really doesn’t need to be as explicit as it is. And even though these songs remind me definitively from 2006 and no other year, there’s something about it that doesn’t feel so outdated or stuck in one decade of music history. This sound worked so nicely and while Rihanna is amazing at any genre she tries, a part of me hopes that she produces another record like this one eventually in the future. 


“Kisses Don’t Lie”

“We Ride”

“Dem Haters”

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