A Day To Remember – For Those Who Have Heart

Track Listing

  1. Fast Forward to 2012
  2. Speak of the Devil
  3. The Danger in Starting a Fire
  4. The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle
  5. Monument
  6. The Price We Pay
  7. Colder Than My Heart, If You Can Imagine
  8. Show ‘Em the Ropes
  9. A Shot in the Dark
  10. Here’s to the Past
  11. I Heart It’s the Softest Thing Ever
  12. Start the Shooting

Released: 01.22.2007

Genre: metalcore, pop punk

For whatever reason, many times I forget that A Day To Remember has two whole albums released before their breakthrough, Homesick, and it’s always a treat when they come across my mind. For Those Who Have Heart is very reminiscent of what the rest of their discography was going to turn out to be, just with a more raw feel and a bit more rougher around the edges. It has the bands signature pop hooks mixed with heavy breakdowns, just a little less refined, and it’s slightly less intricate than their future projects (which is to be expected). It’s really entertaining to listen to specifically because it’s not perfect and it’s interesting to actually hear how much the band has grown since. And despite the almost amateur feel about it, the group boasts their confidence through the lyrics, and rightfully so. This was clearly the start of what was to become some of their best work, and the band has shown their resilience and confidence throughout the years ever since. 

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