Passion Pit – “Sleepyhead” (Stripped Version)

One of Passion Pit’s most recognized songs, “Sleepyhead” actually dates back to 2008 where it first appeared on their debut EP, Chunk of Change. The track was then again featured on their debut full length studio album released in May of the next year and it’s been a staple on indie music playlists ever since. With an easily identifiable, heavy electronic sound and pop hooks, it’s no wonder why this one is so easily remembered, but one version of this song that doesn’t seem to get enough attention is an acoustic version that was featured as a bonus track on Manners. This stripped version isn’t just simply stripped; it’s basically completely bare, with only a piano replacing the synthesizer and vocals without any extra production. It’s as straightforward as it gets and provides a nice release from the dense production of the original. Whereas the initial sound can almost become grating and overwhelming quite quickly, when turned into essentially a piano ballad, this track becomes something else entirely. It’s soft and smooth, coinciding perfectly with the title and can easily put you to sleep, bringing about a sense of calmness, especially among the other exhaustingly energetic tunes. It’s easily one of the most sonically pleasant compositions around and captures the listeners attention without really trying too hard, proving that sometimes simplicity is key in creating a good song. 

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