Kylie Minogue – “Get Outta My Way”

Track #2 off of Aphrodite, released 2010

Serving as one of the greatest examples of dance pop, Kylie Minogue has become one of the pioneers of the genre and makes it all seem so effortless and easy. While many aspects of the genre can easily become stale and repetitive, Kylie has cemented herself as a regular and has remained an exciting figure in the music world for decades. A perfect example of her dominance in her dance heavy tunes can be found in the second single from her eleventh studio album, Aphrodite. “Get Outa My Way” is a sparkly, 80s pop inspired track that is infectious and irresistibly dance inducing, with a music video that glitters just as much as the track itself. The lyrics candidly speak about getting rid of a boring lover who just isn’t providing you any value, speaking about being liberated and empowered despite the apparent loss of a relationship. It’s extremely catchy and while serves as a breakup anthem on the surface level, it goes many levels beyond that. This tone and delivery of this track create a feeling of being strong and independent while also being so lively that it makes you forget about your problems, even if it’s just for a few minutes. It exerts so much positivity and is a reassurance that there are great things even among situations that aren’t so bright. 

Music Video

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