Keith Urban – Golden Road

I must admit that I’m not the biggest fan of country music. More specifically, I wouldn’t consider myself a modern country fan, pinpointing possibly the turn of the century as the time when the genre really started to go downhill. Now, there are exceptions to that and while I can certainly stand by my opinion and continuously express my disdain for the acoustic driven tunes, even I can give credit where credit is due. Keith Urban’s third studio album is one of those moments. The record was released in late 2002 and went number 2 on the U.S. country charts, with three of the four singles that were released going number one on the U.S. country charts. And if you actually listen to the content of the record, it’s really no wonder why Keith Urban was able to achieve such massive success with this record. One thing country music has been continuously great at is telling stories and creating a bigger picture of the world, and these songs do exactly just that. They make you feel grounded with lyrical content that is extremely relatable but each track remains energetic and full of life with instrumental pieces ranging from blazing electric guitar, banjos and fiddles. Although this is a pure country record, it doesn’t come off as typical or redone, and has plenty of pieces that make it stand out among the rest. 


“You Look Good In My Shirt”

“Who Wouldn’t Want To Be Me”

“You’ll Think Of Me”

“You’re Not My God”

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