Hall & Oats – “Out Of Touch”

Track #2 off of Big Bam Boom, released 1984 

When I think to 80s pop music, one group that is undeniably first on my list is the duo of Daryl Hall & John Oates. With hit after hit during the first half of the decade, this group was just unstoppable and remained the centerpiece of the genre. They garnered six number one songs between the years of 1977 and 1984, with “Out Of Touch” being not only one of them, but also their final number one to date. And while I can agree that these numbers don’t mean much of anything and having a number one song doesn’t make it a good song, in this case, we get the best of both worlds. “Out Of Touch” is a great song because it’s catchy and enjoyable, and refrains from lazy pop songwriting with worthwhile lyrics and well thought out lines. The drumming was typical from the times but the synthesizer on here feels fresh and exciting, and there are so many sing along moments that’ll keep ringing in your ears for log after the song has ended. It sounded incredibly modern for the times and remains to this day a nostalgic tune but in a way that doesn’t seem outdated. Making pop music is easy but making pop music like this that lasts year after year is quite a challenge, and Hall & Oates have proven time and time again that they truly have the talent for it. 

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