Rihanna – Loud

After a few albums that leaned more on the darker side, Rihanna came back in 2010 with a new, pure dance pop feel. Loud, in comparison to Rated R (2009) and Good Girl Gone Bad (2007), was bright and comprised of heavy synthesizer and an overall lighter tone. There are even some reggae infused moments reminiscent of her first few projects, and other moments that feature prominent guitar work and lean on the rock side. There is so much versatility here that showcases Rihanna’s ability to change and it really demonstrates a lot of artistic growth. Even when it came to the lyrics, it’s centered around themes of heartbreak, sex and relationships, and overall just having a good time, but regardless it remains very positive even in the saddest of moments. This was a pivotal moment in Rihanna’s career and remains some of the most fondly remembered music from the turn of the beginning of the 2010s. 


“What’s My Name?”

“California King Bed”



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