Britney Spears – “Mood Ring”

Track #18 off of Glory (deluxe), 2020

When Briteny Spears’ ninth studio album Glory was released, there was one song in particular that caught a lot of fans’ attention and unfortunately for many of them, it was completely inaccessible. That is unless you wanted to pay extra for the Japanese version of the album. 

Glory was filled with amazing tracks that showcased a new Britney. After a few heavily EDM focused albums primarily saturated with club bangers, Glory was more relaxed but created a new flavor of pop music that nobody else was really doing at the time. It featured more real instruments and less processed vocals, and felt like it showcased the real Briteny after a few records that didn’t feel as genuine. The original album was released in 2016 with a deluxe version featuring four extra tracks. But there was one extra track that wasn’t available on those deluxe versions that completes the project like no other.

For some reason, Japanese versions aways receive the best bonus tracks (a prime example being “get Back” from Blackout) which eventually get leaked or put out in some way or another. But “Mood Ring” was different. Being only released in Japan at the time, any early version of the track was immediately copyrighted and was nearly impossible to find. Years and years go by with many fans (including myself) contemplating the mysterious nature surrounding the song and why it was left in the dust like that. But after a resurgence in popularity in early 2020, the deluxe version of “Glory” was reissued and “Mood Ring” was officially released for everyone to listen to. 

I lost my marbles.

Listening to the track for the first finally put this five year old album (at the time) into perspective. “Mood Ring” is a sultry R&B infused, EDM based track that puts Britney’s real vocals on display and sounds unlike anything else she’s ever made. It completely reinvents electronic music and feels incredibly fresh and exciting for the entire duration of the track. It’s a slow burn with a mid tempo beat, with production handled by DJ Mustard and lyrics about finding true love that are sensual but refrain from being corny. Although all songs on the record have their place to help create the project as a whole, it truly doesn’t feel complete without this song. The entire concept and feel of Glory is encapsulated in this one track and it’s a shame it wasn’t included on the standard track listing.  “Mood Ring” easily remains a hidden gem in the realm of pop music and maybe someday it’ll get the proper recognition it deserves.


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