Two Door Cinema Club – “Sucker”

Track #12 off of Gameshow (deluxe), 2012

Two Door Cinema club threw their fanbase through a loop when they released their third album back in 2016. Gone were the days of high pitched guitars and fast paced beats, instead they were switched out with a more toned down, dream pop type of feel. While this change may have seemed quite dramatic at the time, it makes complete sense all these years later. Gameshow is a matured and adventurous version of the group and this record saw them take chances and have a lot of fun along the way. It contains some of their most daring material to date, with the theme and execution being delivered impeccably. This is one of those albums that although is a mere ten tracks long for the standard version, it contains no skips and remains a full and exciting project for the entire almost forty five minute duration. 

And if you thought that was good enough, things get even better with the deluxe version.

Now, as I said before these songs were different than what most fans expected at the time and many were probably disappointed in the direction the band went in. And honestly, I can’t really blame them. For a group that set the precedent for indie pop/rock music of the early 2010s, they sure didn’t stick to it very well, and many people probably didn’t even want to consider that there was a deluxe version of this. But boy are they missing out. 

Featuring two extra songs, two remixes and a live performance, the deluxe version is kind of what you expect it to be. Nothing special here. But where the real impact lies is in the final real track, “Sucker”, that was conveniently placed last on the track list (that is, not including any remixes and live performances). After sitting through the rest of the eleven songs which range from dazzling disco to psychedelia leaning, our final track is presented to us packaged in a completely different box. The track is built off a slow, echoey beat with an alien like synthesizer built into the choruses and an ethereal vocal delivery. And despite it feeling nothing like any other song the band has put out, it stays consistent with the theme of Gameshow and still feels like Two Door Cinema Club. If you had already through the group went off the rails with this project, it gets even worse when considering this final song. But nonetheless, it remains one of the most lyrically intriguing and sonically entertaining songs that you could ever listen to. 


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