The Outfield – “Your Love”

Track #2 off of Play Deep, 1985

If you’ve ever played Grand Theft Auto Vice City (hello, my entire childhood), you’d remember lots of really fun tracks, one of them being “Your Love” by English rock band, The Outfield, released as the second single from the 1985 debut, Play Deep. The song was a hit and is their most popular song to this day, reaching #6 on the Billbaord Hot 100 while Play Deep went on to be certified triple Platinum. It is one of the most easily recognized pop songs to date, with the classic 80s drumming, guitar riff and synthesizer combo, along with lead singer Tony Lewis’ bright vocals. And while it sounds just like most other 80s pop tunes, it successfully withstood the test of time. While many of it’s counterparts became stale and repetitive, even almost forty years later “Your Love” still feels incredibly vibrant and catchy, bringing about a sense of nostalgia while refraining from feeling too far aged. And after almost forty years, many people still don’t even realize the lyrics talk about cheating on your girlfriend. 


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