Knuckle Puck – “Evergreen”

Track #6 off of Copacetic, 2015

Knuckle Puck released their debut album Copacetic in the summer of 2015 and nothing was ever the same in the world of pop punk. Noted for being one of the best records in the genre during that year, the album is the epitome of “emo”, if you will, but with modern stylings that keep it from feeling like copy and paste Fall Out Boy songs from 2003. While most other similar bands were just doing what worked for other bands before, Knuckle Puck somehow managed to adapt and create songs that were a breath a fresh air for the Warped Tour kids but that don’t stray too far from what they’re used to. It’s modern pop punk done right and the group made it feel incredibly effortless. A handful of tracks stand out as being imperative to the project and it’s difficult to pick just a few top three, but a few that are worth mentioning are “True Contrite”, “Ponder”, “In Your Crosshairs” and “Wall To Wall (Depreciation)”. And then there’s “Evergreen”.

An evergreen is a tree, a pine tree to be specific, and pine trees don’t lose their leaves during the winter. Evergreens have always been a personal sign of optimism, displaying a feeling of constant comfort in an ever changing world. And the lyrics here touch on that exact feeling. It’s written from the bands perspective on how they feel about touring and the pressures associated with living your dream but also constantly being on the road, away from family and friends. But despite the way the song wants to lean into complete pessimism at times, it actually portrays a sense of relatability and strength, demonstrating that maybe we are also like these pine trees that are able to weather any storm and still stay intact. While Copacetic is filled with moments like these that refrain from wallowing in self pity and focus on the bight side of things. I must say that this is the most remarkable. Pop punk is normally very whiney and pessimistic, and I like it because I’M whiney and pessimistic. But there are times when it’s truly better to feel cheerful about life despite everything that’s going on and “Evergreen” is the perfect anthem for that. 


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