Madison Beer – “Baby”

Track #13 off of Life Support, 2020

The word “baby” is undeniably THE most overused word in the world of pop music and quite honestly, at this point I’m tired of it and kind of dismiss any song with it in the title. So when I came across this track, the first thing I expected it to be was another basic pop song about a relationship. But Madison Beer’s take on it is different. With well written lyrics that flow from the slow and suspenseful verses to the fast paced chorus, the song is perfectly structured and cohesive, and even contains one of my absolute favorite bridges. The production is immaculate, giving off a dark pop feel with soft romantic strings that linger in the background. The entire theme of the track is so well executed and serves as a prime example of what modern pop should sound like.

This song easily could have become a generic pop blunder but Madison proves that she’s a lot more than that. Her drive and talent just on this song is insane, and not only did she cowrite “Baby” but she also co-produced it, which is not something many of her peers can say. And at this point in time, every idea in this genre has been used up but she brings new life to in ways that others haven’t been able to. From the moment I initially heard this track, I though “that is one good pop song” (which is rarely ever said) and I knew that Madison Beer was here to stay.


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