DJ Snake – “Middle”

Track #2 off of Encore, 2016

In most case scenarios, the term “production of times” isn’t regarded as being a good thing, but I beg to differ. Sometimes, especially with music, there comes along an artist that fits in so perfectly for a few years and makes some of the most memorable tunes of a two or three year period. DJ Snake is easily one of those artists for the mid 2010s, with various hits that are still fondly remembered to this day. “Middle” was the first DJ Snake song from this time that still vividly sticks out in my mind and brings me back to 2015, and while that type of nostalgia would normally make me sick, it’s actually a very strange comforting feeling. This song is a perfectly curated EDM track that isn’t grating or annoying as most EDM music from that time period was. It’s a perfect subset of the EDM genre for music fans like me who’s first choice wouldn’t have been EDM. Along with that, the song has an ability to bring back the past without feeling old, stilling bringing a sense of excitement when it plays. This type of longevity is rarely ever found, especially with music that is based heavily off of mostly instrumental.


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