Fall Out Boy – “Golden”

Track #6 off of Infinity On High, 2007

Fall Out Boy’s Infinity On High is easily regarded as one of the most important albums of 2007, and truthfully is also easily one of the most important albums of the entire 2000s decade. After their signature pop punk sophomore release From Under The Cork Tree, the band came back a few years later with a record that was along the same lines, just a little more eccentric and theatrical in a sense. IOH was still rooted in pop punk but some of the best features of this record are the zany, almost too difficult to grasp tracks that veer on nonsensical if you’re not paying enough attention. But one song that’s an anomaly among the rest of the track list comes right before the hit that was “Tnks Fr Th Mmrs”.

That song is “Golden”.

While the group was known for their very “emo” (for lack of a better word) song writing which focus mainly on general angst and pessimism, “Golden” is rooted entirely in despair. Although the track title is seemingly positive the content matter is not, as it discusses being essentially broken beyond repair but trying to portray an image of being put together and successful. The intro “How cruel is the golden rule / When the live we live are only golden plated?” set the scene perfectly, as only a piano accompanies the lyrics in the background to create a very somber track.

Interestingly enough, while this song is certainly a strange addition to this already wacky project, it’s even more so strange when comparing it to the band’s entire discography. But with that said, it’s a track that’s an early indication of what the group was truly capable of and where they were to go in the future. Being the shortest song they’re ever made and also being very minimal in tone, it’s easily overlooked but once you take a closer listen, you can actually hear how it relates to their projects pre and post IOH.


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