Play – “Cinderella”

Track #3 off of Us Against The World, 2002

For anyone who grew up in the mid 2000s, one extremely vivid memory that I’m sure many of us have is watching the Cheetah Girls movies. They were every little girls dream, singing and dancing, and seemingly living the perfect lives. The music from the soundtracks was also pretty stellar, with a song called “Cinderella” being the start of it all. “Cinderella” was releasd as the groups debut single back in 2003 and while most may consider it a Cheetah Girl orignial, it’s actually quite the opposite.

In fact, before the Cheetah Girls released it as a single, it was first recorded by short lived girl group i5 and included on their debut album in 2000.

It was then recored by Swedish girl group Play for their debut album released in the summer of 2002.

All three versions of the track are outstanding in my opinion, and honestly, they all sound pretty similar. But the reason this version by Play has always been a favorite of mine is because it sounds most like theirs. If I hadn’t known it was recorded by another girl group a few years prior or popularized by a Disney Channel movie, I would have thought this song was completely their original. The production is exceptionally early 2000s to fit in perfectly with the times and their voices blend perfectly to create one cohesive sounding track. And even though the other two sound a bit outdated for me at this point, this take on the tune remains as fresh and fun as ever, demonstrating a certain longevity that many artists can’t attain.


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