Ween – “Ocean Man”

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Back in the day when I was a kid, I was strangely obsessed with the Spongebob Squarepants movie. The first original one that is, that was released in 2004. The movie itself was phenomenal. I used to watch it literally all the way through, credits and all. And a big reason I particularly enjoyed the credits for this film was because there was a bubbly song that played while they were rolling. I couldn’t really understand many of the words besides “Ocean Man” and this was before the internet age where you could research anything at an moment, so I just figured it was a tune just made for the end of the movie.


And I didn’t find that out until just a few years ago.

Released as the second single off of their sixth studio album, “Ocean Man” was first introduced to us by rock band Ween in 1997, seven years before I would even ever hear it. It’s their most popular song to date with over eighty three million streams on Spotify, features a light beachy feel and sounds unlike anything else. The track is built on an easy going drum beat, a ukulele and an electric guitar during the bridge. It’s quite simple and clocks in at just over two minutes in length, yet never feels underdone or like its missing something.

This track is so incredibly cool because it was so unlike anything else at the time. 90’s rock had a very specific feel to it and this was the complete opposite. Compared to the drawn out, guitar heavy tracks that dominated the music scene at the time, “Ocean Man” is breezy and simple. This song sounds like the most made by the least amount of instruments and production, and is just so easily memorable and fun. Sometimes, that’s all you really need to make a good song.


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