Bring Me The Horizon – “heavy metal”

Track 12 off of amo, 2018

Bring Me The Horizon is a band that has gone through some pretty dramatic changes since their debut in 2006. Starting off as a deathcore band and shifting into metalcore, alternative rock, and most recently, pop rock territory, the group has demonstrated their ability to maneuver through genres as easily as a fish swims through water. I’ve always enjoyed the ways they’re constantly reworking their sounds and trying out new things and quite honestly, that’s what keeps music from getting boring. But while I’m not one to pick apart music and complain that “their old stuff was better” there are actually people out there who are rather peeved at the bands stylistic changes. “heavy metal” is their response to those people.

“heavy metal” is the second to last song on amo and by the time you get though the other mainly pop rock oriented tracks, you might think “ok, now we’re ready for some actual heavy metal”. But at first listen, it’s not really that at all. It has this genius production with an almost comical delivery, where the introduction of the song sounds like an ambulance.

Yes. An ambulance. A wee woo wagon, if you will.

It’s among the heavier of the tracks on the album but is mainly an upbeat pop rock song with lyrics about fans complaining that they don’t like the bands new sound. Lyrically, the group calls them “cannibals” and talks about how all of their labels fell off, demonstrating a sense of creative freedom that they would be restricted to had they been making the same music all this time. They even touched on their team and label giving them criticisms with the line “Some kid from A&R in a Patagonia says he don’t really get it” which was always very funny to me. I remember a point in time where “Patagonia” was this “hipster” brand that everyone was wearing, meaning that this A&R person clearly doesn’t know what it’s actually like being a creative person, rather they just go with what’s popular. But to make it even better, the songs ends with lead singer Oliver Sykes actually screaming “no this ain’t heavy metal”, which basically serves as the icing on the cake to this ironic, tongue in cheek song.


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