Ariana Grande – “no tears left to cry”

Track #10 off of Sweetener, 2018

Before Sweetener was released, I had such high hopes for this record and was so beyond excited to hear it but unfortunately, this didn’t become one of my favorite albums like I wanted it to. But while it didn’t necessarily live up to my expectations, there are plenty of moments on here, such as the lead single, that are still worth the hype and that I revisit on the regular. “no tears left to cry” was the introduction to this era of Ariana Grande and it was so interesting. With varying tempos and production that was unheard of in 2018, this track was so innovative and actually new, not just for pop music but for Ariana as well. It’s a fusion of R&B and disco pop, made up of a sparkling tone that coincides perfectly with the optimistic lyricism of the track. I think it goes without saying that her vocals sound incredible as well and that the visuals fit in nicely with this era too, with Ariana’s platinum blonde hair and minimalistic artwork conveying a sense of simplicity to keep the project from feeling overworked. This track is so unique in every way, it’ll be near impossible to replicate something like it and stands as one of the most defining and important songs of the 2010s decade.


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