The Cinema – “The Wolf”

Track #2 off of My Blood Is Full Of Airplanes, 2011

Sometimes the most impressive music goes largely undetected as in the case of indie pop group, The Cinema. They released their debut My Blood Is Full Of Airplanes back in 2011 and even though only one track has anything near one million streams at the time of writing, this is undeniably one of, if not absolutely THE finest piece of music the genre has to offer. Whereas other similar artists are leaning too far on either side, The Cinema managed to create music that was a perfect mix of pop melodies with an indie feel, creating a sound that is so unique and not quite easily attainable even though it may not sound like anything special at first listen. “The Wolf” became the second single released from this record and remains one of the centerpieces of the project. It’s difficult to describe exactly what the tone of it sounds like but if you take a close listen, you can hear the intricacy and attention to detail that went into making it. It has a very specific feel that doesn’t sound exactly like 2011; as a matter of fact, it doesn’t really sound like it came from any year in particular. What’s really interesting about this song is that it’s a little bit of everything: it’s slightly electronic, has varying tempos, and doesn’t really seem to fit in any one genre if you’re listening to it on its own. But this versatility along with the precision in terms of production is what makes it worth while.


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