The 1975 – “She’s American”

Track #5 off of I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, 2016

The day The 1975 released their sophomore album is a day I’ll never forget, mostly because I was beyond excited for its release but also because at the time it was a trek for me to go to the nearest store and it honestly took a lot of effort to even get a physical copy. Regardless, it was worth it and even all these years later, this record is still one of my favorites with songs that I revisit on the regular. Even though there are plenty of songs that I consider filler that I’ve probably heard a maximum of three times, there are even more songs that are genuinely amazing pop rock tracks that outlive anything else released in 2016. Most of them were released as singles, such as “UGH!”, “Somebody Else” and “Loving Someone”, and while there are a handful of other tracks that I could talk about (and probably eventually will) I want to take the time right now to talk about the sixth single that was released, and that is “She’s American”.

“She’s American” is a pure 80s inspired pop rock tune, which the band created way before this type of sound became a mainstream thing. Around 2018 especially is when we saw a resurrection of 80s synth and dance pop, but if we look back just a few years, that wasn’t necessarily true. The 1975 were one of the first to do this and not only that, but they did it very well. “She’s American” is one of the most popular tracks from this album and now has over 73 million streams at the time of writing. Although it didn’t impact radio like “The Sound” did (which has over 237 million streams at this point in comparison), “She’s American” remains a fan favorite and is considered by many to be the best track off of I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. It’s funky, synth laden and even has a touch of disco in there, and goes beyond just what pop music was at the time. It pokes fun at American girls and doesn’t carry as serious of a tone as the other songs do, refraining from discussing actual serious topics and instead just comparing lifestyle differences from America and the bands native UK. This track is one of the most entertaining moments on the entire record and is one that also showcases the band’s seemingly easy ability to delve into other genres.


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