John Mayer – “Free Fallin'”

Track #5 off of Where The Light Is: John Mayer Live In Los Angeles, 2008

Tom Petty songs are hard to cover, not because they’re necessarily intricate or difficult to sing but because not many people can replicate the same feeling he brough to his music. What made Tom Petty great as an artist was that he felt like a regular person despite his immense talent as an artist and that’s really not an easy thing to come by. But someone who does come close to meeting the same energy is John Mayer, which shouldn’t be so surprising. Petty’s music was more southern rock oriented while Mayer’s is more blues-y but they both have a very simple and laid back atmosphere about them and have always been very similar in many ways. The original “Free Falling” is a classic in it’s own right and will always be one of my favorite songs, but this other version is something special too. Mayer’s acoustic take on the 1989 track not only radiates the same enthusiasm that the original does, but it also sounds distinctly like John Mayer which is always important when covers come into play. In contrast to the original, it still feels like it tells the same story, just in a more calm and serene way. John Mayer’s version brings about a sense of peace that is a rarity sometimes.


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