Terror Jr – “Sweatpants”

Track #7 off of Bop City 2: TerroRising, 2017

Music in 2017 wasn’t great. I’m being completely serious.

With the top songs including Ed Sherran’s “Shape of You” and the insufferable “Despacito”, I remember this point in music history as just being downright annoying. The production at this time was less than enthusiastic and everything was as stale as the bread that’s been sitting on your kitchen counter for the past few weeks (psst. You should probably throw that away actually). But while I can’t say I enjoyed many releases that year, I must say I did enjoy the music that pop group Terror Jr released in 2017.

With the second installment of their Bop City EPs, the group came in blazing during that year with a chill, electronic infused collection of songs that were, well, bops, to say the least. “Sweatpants” in particular is a really good one that is minimal and relaxed but gets the point across without feeling hollow. The track discusses the fakeness that typically accompanies social media and how nobody is as they seem online. Basically, our narrator talks about how everyone else is trying too hard to not even be genuine, while she’s succeeding while not even putting on a pair of real pants. Not only is it pretty direct in lyricism, it’s also very direct in tone. The track has aspects of EDM and dance music ranging from vocal distortions to touches of synth and an almost rattle-y sounding beat, but never feels overdone. It’s rather very light when it comes to the electropop department and it shows that while everyone else was trying too hard, Terror Jr didn’t have to try hard at all and they still managed to come out on top.


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