The Maine – “Girls Do What They Want”

Track #3 off of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, 2008

There are people out there who think that for music to be “good”, it has to be artsy, intricate, or meaningful. But I’m here to say that a “good” song doesn’t have to be any of those things. Sometimes the most memorable songs are the ones that are a product of the times, with the substance factor traded out for entertainment value. Simple writing and a four chord progression can get you really far and there are lots of examples of that on The Maine’s debut album, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. The band’s debut is now a staple of late 2000s pop rock and pop punk, and rightfully so. Lively songs like “Girls Do What They Want” still live on all these years later because they’re just so fun, especially when the band performs live. With sing along moments and lines like “girls do what they want / boys do what they can”, tracks like these won’t hit you in the feelings but it’s a guaranteed good time when they play. This was such an interesting point in time for music because it showed that music doesn’t have to be so serious and The Maine were some of the frontrunners in this era.


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