Atlas Genius – “Don’t Make A Scene”

Track #8 off of When It Was Now, 2013

Indie rock and alternative rock are undoubtedly my favorite genres, but when it came to Australian band Atlas Genius and their debut, I hate to admit that I wasn’t crazy about it. I had first heard “Trojans” way back and became obsessed (this was also a time where this genre was literally all I listened to). But for the rest of the songs, there weren’t many that lived up to the same hype. Nonetheless, there are a few that are more than worthy of recognition, and that includes “Don’t Make A Scene”. There are plenty of different feels throughout this project but one of my favorite moments on here is this one. It has an interesting almost Spanish sounding feel to it, with what reminds me of horns in the background during the chorus (although, I can definitely tell there are no horns on this song). This track is exciting and energetic all the way through and is so interesting in tone because it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what it sounds inspired by. It’s also structured very simply, with just two verses, a pre-chorus and a chorus, and the bridge completely missing. Yet, it still feels complete despite that and remains one of the most sonically adventurous tracks on this record.


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