Modern Baseball – “Hours Outside In The Snow”

Track #5 off of Sports, 2012

Rarely ever do I regret NOT going to a concert; most of the time it’s the other way around where I realize I shouldn’t have spent the money and wished I didn’t buy tickets in the first place. But looking back on it, I wish I would have said yes to going to see Modern Baseball when my friend said she had extra ticket and I could go for free. I’m still patiently waiting for their hiatus to end while wallowing in my sadness over my poor life choices. But that’s besides the point.

The reason I didn’t go was specifically because back then I didn’t know who the band were. I didn’t even have an idea of what kind of music they made and didn’t really have the time or energy to listen to their work. A few years goes by and I eventually did get around to listening, first starting with their debut album, Sports. And I was completely surprised by what I heard.

The best way I can describe this group is indie emo folk, and truth be told, that blend of genres never even remotely crossed my mind. But they made it sound so effortless and their music felt very homey without feeling cliche. Never once did this feel mediocre and the group just had a certain charisma that made you feel like they understood you. Sports especially is filled with moments that we can all relate to and one of my favorite moments on here is the tragic “Hours Outside In The Snow” which is (I believe) about getting friendzoned. But despite this unfortunate scenario, the track is upbeat and energetic, and if you don’t listen closely, you’ll completely miss that. It even has an ending that is so easy to sing along to, you’d probably forget what the song is about by then anyway. The instrumental is also very simple as the main composition of the song consists of just an acoustic guitar and minimal drumming. And while I’m sure some extra bells and whistles would have been nice, Modern Baseball is one of the only bands that I have come across that can make folk punk work this well without it feeling underdone and boring.


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