Track 7 Music Catalogue actually started out as a small project for myself. One day during the summer of 2017, I caught myself listening to the same three songs over and over again. I had fallen into a horrible rut, and I had no idea how. I was just about to start my senior year of college and it felt weird; I didn’t have an internship, no job lined up post graduation, and no idea as to what I even wanted to do after these next nine months were over. So I think I kept listening to the same old songs to try to keep time from moving any quicker but all it did was drive me a little bonkers. I decided I needed a way to expand my musical horizons. So, I had the idea of taking an hour of each day to listen to a new album which I would document in a journal and post to my Snapchat story to keep my friends updated on the new music I was finding.

Initially when I started this project, I never thought anyone would really care. But once I started sharing my thoughts with my small group of friends on Snapchat, I was getting recommendations from all over the place. My journal was filling up with music reviews fast, but at this point they were just a couple of sentences with a few standout songs or a good lyric written afterwards. Even then, however, if I went on a little hiatus and stopped posting for a while, I’d get asked about my music reviews constantly. I never realized how many people enjoyed seeing them everyday; I genuinely didn’t think anyone would enjoy them at all. After a little while, I had the idea to start a blog and share my musical findings with even more people.

At first, I began a little Tumblr blog. Nothing too professional or stressful. I just wanted to see how it would work out. I began my blog, not really satisfied with anything and just trying to put out as much content as quickly as possible. I wanted to get a following and to see if people would be interested in this type of thing. I tried to be a critic. I tried to appeal to all types of media including music videos, cover songs, throwbacks, etc. During that time, I think I lost sight of what I wanted to do in the first place. I wanted to change my blog name, I wanted to head in a different direction, I wanted to do something unique and interesting. Yet I didn’t know how to do it.

Then one day, the aux chord in my car broke and I was beyond frustrated. I’m the kind of person who can’t listen to just one artist at a time; I like having a small playlist of various ones. And I refuse to listen to the radio unless I absolutely have to. My only options were the handful of CDs I’d managed to cram into my tiny console, which had broken most of the plastic cases but left the discs intact. I was annoyed, but something interesting happened. As I was listening to one CD, I noticed that I wanted to change to a different one after the 7th song. On the next one I put on, I instantly skipped to the 7th track. I picked another random CD and again gravitated towards the 7th song on the album. That’s when an idea sparked.

The number 7 is associated with many things, the most notable being luck. Good fortune is something we all desire but realistically, it’s not that easy to come by. It’s the same way with good music. We want to find something appealing, something that seems like it was written just for us. So I wanted to create a place where everyone can enjoy all great music, from all genres and all artists. I wanted to put out there what I think is great and what might inspire others. I wanted to share my favorite track 7’s.

I began this blog not wanting to look at music from a critical perspective, but from a fan perspective. I didn’t want to over analyze to pick apart artists, or try to tell anyone what’s good and what’s bad. All I really wanted to create was a log of what I though was some of the best and most interesting songs I could find. Although there are aspects of any blog that will become opinionated and critical, I wanted to create a zone where you are able to share your favorite music choices and hopefully find new ones as well. 

With love,


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