1. Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend / 1.29.2008 / Indie pop, chamber pop / I wish I could say I loved the first record I ever listened to for this project but unfortunately, this one just wasn’t it.

2. Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago / 7.8.2007 / Indie folk / Simple in the absolute best way.

3. The Killers – Hot Fuss / 6.7.2004 / Indie rock, new wave, synth pop / Truly a record that’s stood the test of time considering “Mr. Brightside” is still being overplayed at karaoke bars to this day.

4. MGMT – Oracular Spectacular / 10.2.2007 / Psychedelic rock / A wonderfully crafted psychedelic experience from start to finish that won’t be easy to replicate.

5. Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not / 1.23.2006 / Indie rock, punk rock / “I don’t think you’re special, I don’t think you’re cool, you’re probably just alright”

6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever To Tell / 4.29.2003 / Art punk, dance punk / The second half of the record is much better than the first. A little strange at times.

7. Third Eye Blind – Third Eye Blind / 4.8.1997 / Alternative rock / Some of the most remarkable 90’s rock that’s still remarkable over 20 years later.

8. Phoenix – Wulfgang Amadeus / 5.29.2009 / Pop rock, indie pop /I don’t remember much from this one.

9. Blue October – Foiled / 4.4.2006 / Alternative rock / Perfect album from start to finish.

10. John Mayer – Heavier Things / 9.9.2003 / Soft rock / Honestly sounds like something from 2003, great at some moments but very outdated at others.

11. Blink-182 – Enema Of The State / 6.1.1999 / Pop punk, skate punk / Funny, honest and entertaining.

12. Genesis – Genesis / 10.3.1983 / Pop rock, art rock / Perfect.

13. Kodak Black – Painting Pictures / 3.21.2017 / Hip hop, trap / Everything about this record was rough.

14. Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly / 3.15.2015 / Experimental hip hop, jazz rap / Although I didn’t enjoy every song at first, this project was interesting because it was so unlike other popular hip hop artists.

15. Paramore – After Laughter / 5.12.2017 / New wave, pop rock / Sad lyrics, happy music. Even though Paramore doesn’t sound like they used to in 2005 (which is perfectly fine, by the way), they still provide us with the same feel just in a different package.

16. Taking Back Sunday – Louder Now / 4.25.2006 / Alternative rock, emo, pop punk / It’s easy for this record to come off a basic pop punk album from the times but if you take a closer listen, you’ll see that it has so much more to offer.

17. Kanye West – 808’s & Heartbreak / 11.24.2008 / Electropop, R&B / ‘RoboCop” is still one of my favorite songs, to be honest.

18. Green Day – Dookie / 2.1.1994 / Pop punk, alternative rock / I was never into Green Day, surprisingly, and I can’t say I revisited this one often but I do understand it’s significance and the impact it’s had on the pop punk genre.

19. Blackbear – Deadroses / 2.14.2015/ Hip hop, rap / Very creative, every song is distinct and unique.

20. A Rocket To The Moon – On Your Side / 10.13.2009 / Pop rock / This was bland and basic.

21. Sir Sly – You Haunt Me / 9.16.2014 / Indie pop, dark pop / Indie pop is great as it is but if you’re like me and enjoy spooky things, this project becomes even better. It’s relaxing yet interesting, and I really enjoy the entire vibe it gives off.

22. Foster The People – Sacred Hearts Club / 7.21.2017 / Indie pop, indie electronic / Fun and lively, although being a huge fan of this band and knowing what they’re capable of left me thinking this wasn’t as good as it could have been.

23. Halsey – Badlands /8.28.2015 / Indie pop / Absolutely one of my favorite records ever.

24. Halsey – Hopeless Fountain Kingdom / 6.2.2017 / Pop, synth pop / This record was strange because even though I didn’t find anything necessarily wrong with it, I didn’t particularly enjoy it all that much either. Something about it just didn’t stick with me.

25. Frank Ocean – Channel Orange / 7.10.2012 / Alternative R&B, neo soul / Immaculate.

26. Pearl Jam – Ten / 8.27.1991 / Grunge, alternative rock / This is a fantastic record, I think anyone can enjoy it, even if they don’t particularly enjoy the genre.

27. Gerard Way – Hesitant Alien / 9.29.2014 / Alternative rock / This is basically a little collection of literally every genre, and it’s such a nice contrast to what Gerard Way has done with MCR. I like the way he really expanded his boundaries and tried new things.

28. Lana Del Rey – Born To Die / 1.27.2012 / Indie pop, sadcore / Even though I got a little bored listening to this at times, I can’t deny Lana’s talent.

29. Soundgarden – Superunknown / 2.18.1994 / Grunge, heavy metal / Grunge-y but not overbearing where it becomes hard to listen to. It’s no wonder this was nominated and won so many awards.

30. Linkin Park – Meteora / 3.25.2003 / Nu metal, rap metal, rap rock / Unique, honest, angry.

31. A$AP Rocky – Long.Live.A$AP / 1.15.2013 / Hip hop / The lyrical content is rather generic but the musical portion is wonderful and you can feel the creative effort put forth to make this a standout record.

32. The Cinema – My Blood Is Full Of Airplanes / 9.13.2011 / Indie pop / One of the best records of all time. I’m not joking.

33. The White Stripes – Elephant / 4.1.2003 / Garage rock revival, blues rock / Much different than most music from the times.

34. We Came As Romans – Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be / 9.13.2011 / Metalcore, post hardcore / I found this project hard to follow. Maybe I need another listen but it just didn’t stick with me.

35. Walk The Moon – Walk The Moon / 6.19.2012 / Dance rock, indie pop / This is a stunning debut for an indie rock band. Whereas most of this genre tends to sound the same with fast beats and bright guitar hooks, there are so many standout moments on here that distinguish this band from the rest. The entire thing is worthwhile from start to finish and there is never a dull moment.

36. Bring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal / 4.1.2013 / Metalcore, post hardcore, alternative rock / One of my favorite records of all time.

37. Lil Uzi Vert – Luv Is Rage 2 / 8.25.2017 / Alternative hip hop, pop rap /Quite unique for a rap album.

38. Radiohead– Kid A / 10.2.2000 / Experimental rock, post rock / I understand the significance of this record, but I didn’t find it enjoyable at all. So many moments on here just seemed creepy and lots of the songs felt empty, like they were missing something.

39. The Used – In Love And Death / 9.18.2004 / Emo, alternative rock / Kind of sounds like everything else from the 2000’s emo invasion but I don’t mind.

40. Bjork – Biophilia / 10.5.2011 / Electronic, experimental / I don’t remember much about this one.

41. The Neighbourhood – Hard EP / 9.22.2017 / Dark pop, electropop / I will forever love anything this band puts out.

42. Say Anything – …Is A Real Boy / 8.3.2004 / Emo, indie rock, pop punk / This is such a weird, theatrical piece of work, that becomes so dense at times that it feels like it’s going to swallow you whole. Despite that however, it’s insanely entertaining, and just plain insane in general. This quickly became of my favorites with it’s catchy lyrics and melodies, wonderfully crafted guitar pieces and intricate design that kept me trying to decipher the meaning of it all for months on end.

43. Atlas Genius – Inanimate Objects / 8.28.2015 / Alternative rock, synth pop / I really enjoyed the mixture of the synth instrumental with the melodies and entire vibe of the project.

44. 311 – Evolver / 7.22.2003 / Alternative rock, alternative metal / Nice to listen to.

45. Logic – Bobby Tarantino / 7.1.2016 / Hip hop / I found this interesting because Logic touched upon his own success and has some very introspective moments \ but also discussed bigger world issues that most other artists would shy away from.

46. Modern Baseball – Sports / 11.27.2012 / Emo, folk punk, pop punk / Stellar record, even with low key folky production and easy going vocals. Read my thoughts on it here.

47.  NF – Perception / 10.6.2017 / Hip hop / The actual musical portion of this record become pretty bland very quickly but where instrumental lacks, vocals and lyrics make up for it.

48. DVSN – Morning After / 10.3.2017 / Alternative R&B / This is definitely for people who are into super chill music.

49. Thirty Seconds To Mars – A Beautiful Lie / 8.30.2005 / Alternative rock / Versatile without being messy or overbearing.

50. Miley Cyrus – Younger Now / 9.29.2017 / Country pop, pop rock / The songwriting on here definitely could have been a lot better but there are actually some really great songs on here.

51. Motion City Soundtrack – Commit This To Memory / 6.7.2005 / Emo, pop punk / I didn’t enjoy this the first time around but after a few listens this record did start to grow on me.

52. Terror Jr – Bop City 2: Terrorising / 6.16.2017 / Pop / Everything about this is actually kind of perfect, it’s modern and poppy without being too synth heavy any annoying.

53. Mac Miller – The Divine Feminine / 9.16.2016 / Alternative hip hop, jazz rap / Really cool jazz influences mixed with hip hop, the entire project flows really nicely from start to finish.

54. Matchbox 20 – Yourself Or Someone Like You / 10.1.1996 / Alternative rock, post grunge / I never would have though this is from the mid 90’s, sounds way ahead of it’s time. Even though it’s classified as alt rock, there are some nice country influences woven in there as well.

55. Madonna – Like A Virgin / 11.12.1984 / Pop / Definitely one of the best dance/pop albums ever and if you say you don’t like Madonna, you’re absolutely lying.

56. Chance The Rapper – Coloring Book / 5.13.2016 / Hip hop, gospel rap / Phenomenal.

57. Tonight Alive – The Other Side / 9.6.2013 / Pop punk, pop rock / I got tired of this record four songs in. It sounds outdated and the lyrics are very boring.

58. Kesha – Rainbow / 8.11.2017 / Pop / Every individual song is wonderful but as a cohesive album, this is a little weird. There are so many genres (rock, country, electronic) that listening from song to song becomes disorienting. Overall, though, Kesha’s vocals are amazing and so is the meaning behind the project.

59. Sleeping With Sirens – Gossip / 9.22.2017 / Pop rock, pop / This is quite different than their previous material but I didn’t find this to be horrible. There were a handful of songs that I revisited many times, although I do have to admit that there were moments where the vocals didn’t match up with the music.

60. John Mayer – The Search For Everything / 4.14.2017 / Blues, pop, R&B / A solid modern rock album.

61. Young Thug – Jeffrey / 8.26.2016 / Hip hop, trap / The entire project is very well produced but the lyrics aren’t good. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

62. Perfume Genius – No Shape / 5.5.2017 / Experimental pop / Cool.

63. Tinashe – Aquarius / 10.3.2014 / R&B, pop / A well rounded R&B album although it does include too many interludes that break up the flow of it.

64. Ariana Grande – Yours Truly / 9.3.2013 / R&B, pop / The last few songs aren’t the best but this project as a whole is simply wonderful.

65. 21 Savage – Issa Album / 7.7.2017 / Hip hop, trap / I really enjoyed the first maybe five songs but the record kind of fell off after that.

66. Camila Cabello – Camila / 1.12.2018 / Pop, R&B / Good upon first listen but not an album that you’ll keep coming back to.

67. The Lumineers – The Lumineers / 4.3.2012 / Americana, folk rock, indie folk / Folk music can easily become repetitive and recycled but The Lumineers managed to bring life back into the genre with a record that’s very acoustic but nonetheless exciting.

68. The Maine – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop / 7.8.2008 / Alternative rock, pop rock / If you grew up or understand anything about the 2000’s, you’ll enjoy this record. It’s kind of a perfect representation of pop rock music from the time.

69. Lil Peep – Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 1 / 8.15.2017 / Rap rock, emo rap, pop punk / This is genuine.

70. As It As – Never Happy, Ever After / 4.20.2015 / Emo, pop punk/Sounds a bit outdated for something released in 2015 but isn’t a bad record by any means.

71. The All American Rejects – Move Along / 7.12.2005 / Pop punk / Versatile and easily distinguishable.

72. Falling In Reverse – Just Like You / 2.24.2015 / Metalcore, post hardcore / I surprisingly enjoyed this one.

73. Escape The Fate – Dying Is Your Latest Fashion / 10.3.2006 / Emo, post hardcore, pop punk / Not bad.

74. Incubus – Make Yourself / 10.6.1999 / Alternative rock, funk rock, nu metal / The experimentation on this one is really cool, there seem to be a number of genres mixed together but everything is layered so well.

75. Charlie Puth – Voicenotes / 5.11.2018 / Pop, R&B / I found the overall production including vocals and instrumentals to be so much fun and a great representation of what pop music is. The lyrical department was highly lacking but I’m looking forward to what Charlie Puth puts out next.

76. Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino / 5.11.2018 / Lounge pop, space pop, glam rock / Stunning.

77. The Neighbourhood – The Neighbourhood / 3.9.2018 / Dark pop / This album contains some of the best pop melodies and instrumental moments from the band, and from the genre in general.

78. Brand New – The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me / 11.21.2006 / Alternative rock, emo / Very thoughtfully arranged. Each song gets better as you go on.

79. Hozier – Hozier / 9.19.2014 / Blues, soul, R&B / Take me back to a simpler time when this record was new, please.

80. Britt Nicole – Britt Nicole / 10.7.2016 / Christian pop / Slightly cliché but overall really catchy pop songs.

81. Janet Jackson – Control / 2.4.1986 / Pop, R&B, new jack swing / These songs were made for dancing.

82. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Street Survivors / 10.17.1977 / Southern rock, boogie rock / The only country music I like.

83. Taking Back Sunday – Tidal Wave / 9.16.2016 / Alternative rock, pop rock / Great melodies and instrumentals, still slightly emo but a lot more mature.

84. Oasis – Definitely Maybe / 8.29.1994 / Britpop, rock / There’s a kind of a polished garage band type of feel to this record. The vocals aren’t great but they don’t have to be, they fit with the music surprisingly well.

85. Snoop Dogg – Doggystyle / 11.23.1993 / West coast hip hop, gangsta rap / Much better than modern hip hop considering there are actual lyrics and flow to the songs.

86. Blue Oyster Cult – Blue Oyster Cult / 1.16.1972 / Hard rock, psychedelic rock, acid rock / There is a little bit of every type of rock genre mixed in here and that’s really cool, it makes for a very interesting and entertaining album to listen to.

87. Inland Traveler – Rivers Always Run / 11.6.2012 / Folk / Great for road trips.

88. AFI – Decemberunderground / 6.6.2006 / Alternative rock, post hard core, electronic rock / A fantastic record from the time. It’s an interesting one to listen back on today and hear the way it’s influenced modern music as well.

89. Bullet For My Valentine – The Poison / 2.14.2006 / Metalcore / This isn’t bad by any means, however, it is rather repetitive and there’s nothing unique about it that really stands out.

90. My Bloody Valentine – Isn’t Anything / 11.21.1988 / Shoegaze, dream pop, noise pop, avant rock / Sounds rather modern for something this old. I’m not really into it but I respect the impact it’s had on alternative music.

91. Bleachers – Strange Desire / 7.10.2014 / Indie pop, alternative rock / I’d give this album a B rating.

92. Catfish And The Bottlemen – The Ride / 5.27.2016 / Alternative rock, indie rock / Very good balance of indie and rock, and even though it does feel repetitive at times, the melodies and guitar moments make up for it.

93. James Bay – Chaos And The Calm / 3.23.2015 / Americana, indie rock soft rock / I expected this sound like cliché folk music but it’s actually a very interesting mix of folk, pop and rock.

94. Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin / 1.12.1969 / Hard rock, blues rock / Very progressive rock, if I hadn’t known who this was I would have thought it was modern music.

95. Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin II / 10.22.1969 / Hard rock, blues rock / Kind of the same vibe as their first album.

96. Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin III / 10.5.1970 / Folk rock, blues rock / I like that this one features more acoustic tracks than their previous two records.

97. Led Zeppelin – IV / 11.8.1971 / Hard rock, heavy metal / This entire record just has a whole new feel to it, there are some more folk influences and less hard rock moments.

98. Bill Withers – Still Bill / 5.1.1972 / Soul, R&B, funk, blues / Pretty simple R&B that is well put together and enjoyable.

99. The Outfield – Play Deep / 11.12.1985 / Pop rock, power pop / Basic 80’s pop.

100. The Beatles – Let It Be / 5.8.1970 / Rock / I loved this record, although I must admit that I expected something else from the Beatles concluding album.

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