301. Taylor Swift – Lover / 8.23.2019 / Pop / This felt recycled. Although it was rather boring and predictable, the lyrical content excelled.

302. The Clash – The Clash / 4.8.1977 / Punk rock / Punk albums are known to be political, a little rough around the edges and even underproduced at times, and although those things can apply to this one, it’s structured in a way that keep it interesting without becoming repetitive or annoying.

303. Vulfpeck – Vollmilch / 12.20.2012 / Funk / This project was only six songs and each one is comprised of only instrumental but the thing that stuck out to me was how there is one thing on each song that is emphasized and centered on. This was a very cool record.

304. Sleeping With Sirens – How It Feels To Be Lost / 9.6.2019 / Post hardcore / A solid body of work that sounds very authentic to the band.

305. Two Door Cinema Club – False Alarm / 6.21.2019 / Pop rock, new wave / The theme that they started off with on their previous release Gameshow is perfectly continued and defined on this one.

306. Rod Stewart – Gasoline Alley / 6.12.1970 / Rock n roll, folk rock / Feels like a storybook from a small country town.

307. Forever The Sickest Kids – Forever The Sickest Kids / 3.1.2011 / Pop punk, pop rock / Fun pop punk. That’s all.

308. Melanie Martinez – K-12 / 9.6.2019 / Electronic pop / This was such an interesting record because of the movie that goes along with it, which is a much better way to listen to this. You need the full effect of the film or else it might not live up to the hype.

309. Koryn Hawthorne – Unstoppable / 7.13.2018 / Gospel, soul / Absolutely gorgeous.

310. Wallows – Nothing Happens / 3.22.2019 / Indie rock / Very cool theme and concept.

311. My Chemical Romance – Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge / 6.8.2004 / Alternative rock, emo, pop punk / This was always my favorite MY Chem record and I really don’t know why.

312. 100 Gecs – 1000 Gecs / 5.31.2019 / Experimental pop / One of the craziest yet most interesting things I’ve ever listened to.

313. Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels 3 / 12.24.2016 / Hip hop / A well composed album in every single way.

314. Operation Ivy – Energy / 3.1.1989 / Ska punk / I found this to be a tough album to get through. It becomes very messy and repetitive, and towards the end it all started to sound like noise.

315. Snoh Aalegra – Feels / 10.20.2017 / R&B / I’ve never really come across something like this, it’s truly an amazing piece of art.

316. Snoh Aalegra – Ugh, Those Feels Again / 8.16.2019 / R&B / The lyrics, vocals and overall sound of this one, just like the one before it, are amazing and this is something everyone needs to take a listen to.

317. The 1975 – A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships / 11.30.2018 / Alternative rock, indie rock / Truthfully, I didn’t particularly like this album at first but after taking a careful listen through the concepts and themes, I understood it a lot better.

318. Papadosio – T.E.T.I.O.S. / 10.16.2012 / Experimental / If you listen closely to this one you’ll find a lot of interesting things.

319. The Glorious Sons – A War On Everything / 9.13.2019 / Rock / A perfectly executed modern rock albums that’s exciting from start to finish.

320. Michelle Branch – Hotel Paper / 6.24.2003 / Pop rock / This was very underwhelming.

321. Nickleback – Curb / 5.16.1996 / Grunge / Going into all of these Nickleback albums and knowing the few songs that I already do from the band, this was not what I was expecting from their debut at all. It’s very well put together 90s grunge, and honestly, I have no complaints about it.

322. Nickleback – The State / 9.1.1998 / Post grunge / This one kind of rebounds off of their debut but is a little more alternative rock oriented than grunge oriented. Still a pretty solid record though.

323. Nickleback – Silver Side Up / 9.11.2001 / Post grunge / This was fine.

324. Nickleback – The Long Road / 9.23.2003 / Alternative rock, hard rock / This was fine.

325. Nickleback – All The Right Reasons / 10.4.2005 / Alternative rock / There are so many songs on here that I literally always thought were other bands like Daughtry or Lifehouse. For the most part, however, the instrumentals are layered very nicely and the vocals and melodies are nice to listen to. The only parts where this record falters are the cringey, overly sexualized songs that are just kind of strange to listen to.

326. Nickleback – Dark Horse / 11.18.2008 / Alternative rock / None of this album made sense to me. It was ridiculously messy in terms of content, from more highly sexualized songs to extremely formulated ones to heartfelt songs, it all just created a jumble of pieces that did not fit together.

327. Nickleback – Here And Now / 11.21.2011 / Pop rock / Not as bad as their previous release, but this is where things start to become the same in terms of their overall discography.

328. Nickleback – No Fixed Address / 11.14.2014 / Pop rock / A little heavy rock, a little country, a little pop.

329. Nickleback – Feed The Machine / 6.16.2017 / Hard rock / The final song is the best one.

330. Fall Out Boy – From Under The Cork Tree / 6.3.2005 / Pop punk / Charismatic and immaculately written, emo and self deprecating. It doesn’t get better than this, ladies and gents.

331. Waterparks – Fandom/ 10.11.2019 / Pop punk, pop rock / Definitely a step up from their previous record, although it does sound like a 2000’s Jonas Brothers rip off at times.

332. Gang of Youths – Go Farther In Lightness / 8.18.2017 / Indie rock, alternative rock

This was rough, strangely experimental but most of the pieces don’t fit well together and lyrics that are too personal and become un-relatable. I don’t think I got through the entire project.

333. Harry Styles – Fine Line / 12.13.2019 / Pop rock / Interesting modern pop rock with influences of old rock and roll. Catchy and fun, with great vocal moments and melodies.

334. Niall Horan – Flicker / 10.20.2017 / Folk pop / Sounds Fleetwood Mac inspired but I feel like he didn’t take that concept far enough or make it his own. It sounds nice and this is a good place to start, but I know Niall can do, and will do, a lot better.

335. Liam Payne – LP1 / 12.6.2019 / Pop, R&B / Cringey, basic and boring.

336. Louis Tomlinson – Walls / 1.31.2020 / Britpop, indie rock / The album starts off a little slow and messy but improves tremendously towards the end. It’s inspirational without being overly corny and I really enjoy this older rock sound of the record.

337. Zayn – Mind of Mine / 3.25.2016 / Pop, R&B / Where Liam went wrong in pop music, Zayn went right. All of these songs are truly so well crafted and interesting, and the record flows together without a single awkward blip. This was probably the former One Direction member I was least excited to hear solo work from but I can now say that it’s probably my favorite.

338. Stromae – Racine Carree / 8.16.2013 / House, electropop / This album was entirely in French and although I couldn’t understand any of the words, I still got a feel for the emotions and meaning behind it through the way each track was sung.

339. Caroline Polacheck – Pang / 10.18.2019/ Experimental pop / I feel like with this record, Caroline Polacheck really used minimal resources to their best ability. There is not one point where something feels overbearing or overdone, it’s very fun and balanced.

340. Dashboard Confessional – A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar / 8.12.2003 / Emo, alternative rock / A lyrical masterpiece.

341. Emotional Oranges – The Juice: Vol I / 5.10.2019 / R&B / I found this to be really cool R&B but was a little too cohesive and became very boring very quickly.

342. Emotional Oranges – The Juice: Vol II / 11.8.2019 / R&B / Same as the first one.

343. Declan McKenna – What Do You Think About The Car? / 7.21.2017 / Indie rock / Normally I don’t like mixing activism or politics in my music but the way this is presented is so wonderful that I forget about what most of the songs are about anyway. There are parts of this that reminded me of Oasis or The Strokes in terms of instrumentals and there were some really cool guitar parts.

344. Death Grips – The Money Store / 4.24.2012 / Experimental hip hop / I can’t tell if I liked this or not.

345. Daya – Sit Still, Look Pretty / 10.7.2016 / Pop / A bland pop album. I can’t believe I got through this whole thing.

346. Hoodie Allen – All American / 4.10.2012 / Hip hop, pop / This feels like a little time capsule, there are so many interesting influences on every song and it all flows together smoothly.

347. Brockhampton – Saturation / 6.9.2017 / Hip hop / One of the best records I have ever heard. Each song is outstanding.    

348. Selena Gomez – Rare / 1.10.2020 / Pop, dance / Production wise, this album is stellar. Vocal wise, there are some great moments on here as well. Content wise, however, is where it falters. For an album that’s supposed to be about personal growth and self discovery, I don’t find much of that on here.  

349. Justin Bieber – Believe / 6.15.2012 / R&B, pop / Messy, but fun.

350. Justin Bieber – Purpose / 11.13.2015 / EDM, pop R&B / I think the thing I like most about this album is the artistic growth that you can hear when comparing it to his previous one. It’s fun when it wants to be and serious when it needs to be, and production is perfectly handled.

351. Saint Motel – saintmoteleveion / 10.21.2016 / Indie pop / This was the most substancless, boring indie pop I have probably ever heard. Not good.

352. Lil Uzi Vert – Eternal Atake / 3.6.2020 / Hip hop / When it comes to Lil Uzi, he knows how to make entertaining music. The lyrical content needs work but the overall production and delivery is spot on.

353. The Civil Wars – The Civil Wars / 8.6.2013 / Alternative folk / This was such a strangley enjoyable album. It’s perfectly executed country and folk mixed, with lyrics that keep you guessing the entire time.

354. Ed Sheeran – Divide / 3.3.2017 / Pop / Eh, I just don’t really like Ed Sheeran. But I can understand why others do.

355. Brantley Gilbert – Fire & Brimstone/ 10.4.2019 / Country rock / A wonderful modern country album.

356. Bing & Ruth – No Home of the Mind / 2.17.2017 / Ambient / This album was hard to sit through, honestly. In my opinion, it’s better to listen to this while at a museum or someplace where it adds to the experience of something, rather than just sitting and trying to enjoy the music.

357. Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American /7.24.2001 / Alternative rock / It’s hard to make an album that fits perfectly with the times yet remains timeless almost twenty years later. But that’s exactly what this is.

358. You Me At Six – Take Off Your Colours /10.6.2008 / Pop punk / The lyrical content on this project was so perfect where they’re written well enough to not feel like they’re oversharing but remain ambiguous enough to be applicable to different people and situations. It’s almost basic pop punk but with such fun melodies and instrumentals, it’s enjoyable nonetheless.

359. Kesha – High Road / 1.31.2020 / Pop / This is ridiculously messy but also feels like the most fun and liberated Kesha has ever been, and that’s a lot more remarkable than cohesion anyway.

360. Waka Flocka Flame – Flockaveli / 10.05.2010 / Gagsta rap / Very entertaining.

361. Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty / 07.05.2010 / Hip hop / Coming from an artist that was one half of the worlds best hip hop group (Outkast), I expected this to be perfect, and it truly was. There were so many different vibes on here from dance, to indie, to jazz and experimental in one way or another and with such cool guest features, this was exciting from the first song to the last.

362. Drake – Take Care / 11.15.2011 / Hip hop, R&B / I always imaged Drake as a just a radio friendly hip hop artist and never bothered to listen to his full work but I can say that I really, really liked this and wish I had listened to it sooner.

363. Jay Z & Kanye West – Watch The Throne / 8.8.2011 / Hip hop / This was a good album and all, but listening to it was just exhausting and I really can’t explain why.

364. Game – Jesus Piece / 12.11.2012 / West coast hip hop / This record was very unconventional. It’s interesting how the entire concept was put together, mixing religious references with themes of gansta rap, violence, drugs and women. The religious images are used more as templates and it doesn’t feel like Game is degrading or condemning religion at all. In this way, I think he really gets his messages across in an artistic way that’s also easy to understand.

365. Joey Bada$$ – 1999 / 06.12.2012 / East coast hip hop, jazz rap / The rhymes and lyrics on this are astounding. The beats are super cool. Very well done.

366. Childish Gambino – Because The Internet / 12.10.2013 / Hip hop / Childish Gambino has a way with his music where it feels very outer worldly when it comes to production but very down to earth and relatable when it comes to the themes and lyrical content. This record was a concept album following our main character and all that goes on in his life, with lyrics that are so dense it almost feels like you can physically step inside of the story they’re telling.

367. Beyonce – Beyonce / 12.13.2013 / R&B / This album is so cool because Beyonce managed to express themes of confidence, vulnerability, feminism, empowerment and love all into one without it being cliché or corny.

368. J. Cole – 2014 Forest Hills Drive / 12.09.2014 / Hip hop / A cool concept album about J. Coles life. I particularly liked how he made this album relatable to everyone and didn’t just specifically hone in on his experiences.

369. Chief Keef – Back From The Dead 2 / 10.31.2014 / Drill, experimental hip hop / As unoriginal and unexciting as I found this album to be, I really appreciated how believable Chief Keef comes across. I feel like a lot of rappers just rap about things they think they’re supposed to be rapping about but Chief Keef comes off so confident that it feels genuine even if it might not be the most original.

370. Future – DS2 / 07.17.2015 / Trap, hip hop / I’m not sure how I feel about this, honestly. There are some parts that I found to be well written and produced, but other parts felt uninspiring and repetitive.

371. Lil Peep – Lil Peep: Part 1 / 09.18.2015 / Emo rap / These lyrics are very dark and heavy but the instrumental could not have been any better produced. It’s strange listening to this because I feel like it really shouldn’t be as enjoyable as it is.

372. Tink – Winters Diary 4 / 08.25.2016 / Hip hop / This was very well put together when it came to the overall concept of it all. The record is divided into a few different themes, all of which tell a story when they’re put together. Her vocals are so smooth and the entire thing features some really great beats.

373. Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition / 09.27.2016 / Experimental hip hop / This is experimental music done right. His vocals are so diverse and the beats and instrumental portion is so cool, listening to this is so fun song in and song out.

374. Migos – Culture / 01.27.2017 / Hip hop, trap / I can’t say this is the most original thing out there but I do have to say that this is ridiculously entertaining. Their vocal flows are good and most of the songs are very well produced and fun.

375. Rico Nasty – Tales of Tacobella / 05.19.20127 / Rap, hip hop / This is such a great record.

376. Earl Sweatshirt – Some Rap Songs / 11.30.2018 / Hip hop / As short as this was, I never felt like it was unfinished. It’s so intriguing all the way through, with some of the most unique instrumental I’ve probably ever head.

377. Playboi Carti – Die Lit / 05.11.2018 / Hip hop, trap, mumble rap / Really fun to listen to despite it feeling kind of basic at times.

378. Megan Thee Stallion – Fever / 05.17.2019 / Hip hop / Entertaining.

379. Denzel Curry – Zuu / 05.31.2019 / Hip hop / A solid modern hip hop album, there are parts of this are very aggressive and other parts that are kind of dancey and remind me of 2000’s hip hop while staying incredibly cohesive.

380. Bring Me The Horizon – Suicide Season / 09.29.2008 / Metalcore / I went into this expecting to really dislike it considering I’m more of a fan of modern BMTH, but this was actually a great project. There were lots of fun, energetic moments and nice instrumentals and melodies, despite a very dark and somber lyrical content.

381. Anne-Marie – Speak Your Mind / 04.27.2018 / Pop / This was okay.

382. The Weeknd – After Hours / 03.10.2020 / R&B, new wave, dream pop / The concept for this album was so perfectly executed. It’s 80s pop inspired without feeling like a rip off and contains some really fun melodies and instrumentals.

383. Secondhand Serenade – A Twist in My Story / 02.19.2008 / Acoustic rock, alt rock, emo / This wasn’t necessarily bad but I found it to be extremely repetitive. The production was perfect and there are some really nice moments but it feels a little too cohesive.

384. Meghan Trainor – Title / 01.09.2015 / Pop, doo wop, R&B / This project was not horrible but I found the doo wop style of it to be a little corny and overdone.

385. Meghan Trainor – Thank You / 05.13.2016 / Pop, R&B / “Me Too” was a horrible song, let alone a horrible single choice but the rest of the record is actually pretty decent. A handful of the songs have a slight Caribbean feel to them and the project would have been a lot better had it been defined more around that sound.

386. Meghan Trainor – Treat Myself / 01.31.2020 / Pop / This is Meghan Trainor at her best, and it’s absolutely worth the delay that came with it. The instrumental is so infectious and fun, and her vocals are so smooth, along with the entire thing being incredibly cohesive yet interesting from song to song.

387. Surfaces – Where The Light Is / 1.6.2019 / Indie pop / Underwhelming. There were parts of this that sounded so mediocre, like they were made on a cheap piano keyboard.

388. Surfaces – Horizons / 2.28.2020 / Indie pop / Even worse than its predecessor.

389. Justin Bieber – Changes / 02.14.2020 / R&B / Although I can agree that this was underwhelming, I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy this record at least a little bit. Justin Bieber’s vocals have tremendously improved and it feels like he’s in a very good, happy place which is much more worthwhile than a hit record any day.

390. Phil Collins – Testify / 11.11.2002 / Pop, pop rock / This was a bummer. It was just very uninteresting and we all know Phil Collins could do a lot better.

391. Limp Bizkit – Results May Vary / 09.23.2003 / Nu metal, rap metal, alt rock / This wasn’t as bad as critics said. It needs work in the lyrical department for sure, but overall it’s not horrible.

392. Young Rebel Set – Curse Our Love / 04.25.2011 / Alternative rock / Not the most original indie pop sounding record but it’s not bad by any means. The instrumentals are really nice.

393. Bloodhound Gang – Hefty Fine / 09.27.2005 / Alternative rock, comedy rock / Sonically a very pleasant album, lyrically and vocally needs a lot of work.

394. Kevin Federline – Playing With Fire / 10.31.2006 / Hip hop / Being ranked the worst album on Metacritic, I expected this to be absolute trash but in reality, I’ve heard a lot worse. The production is okay and there are a few songs that are sonically pleasant but Federline is missing the enthusiasm and sounds like he was forced to make this at times.

395. Jason Derulo – Jason Derulo / 03.02.2010 / Pop, dance pop, R&B / Kind of basic and boring, the singles are still bops though.

396. Mike Posner – 31 Minutes to Takeoff / 08.10.2010 / Electropop / A good portion of this record sounds like pop music from the times but it also sounds very Justin Timberlake inspired. Regardless, this was a nice album to listen to and never does it feel too outdated or imitated.

397. Kelsea Ballerini – Unapologetically / 11/.03.2017 / Country pop / Absolutely wonderful mix of both country and pop genres.

398. Charli XCX – Charli/ 09.13.2019 / Avant pop, electropop / One of the most fun pop albums I’ve ever heard. This is a treat.

399. Panic! At The Disco – A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out / 09.27.2005 / Pop punk, baroque pop, alternative rock / One of the greatest albums to ever exist, period.

400. Death Cab For Cutie – Transatlanticism / 10.07.2003 / Indie rock / The characteristic the sticks out most on this record is just how each song encompasses such a certain feeling and executes that feeling so perfectly.

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