101. The Strokes – Is This It / 7.30.2001 / Indie rock, post punk revival / Garage band sounding music that’s polished and well put together.

102. Mayday Parade – Sunnyland / 6.15.2018 / Pop punk / This record was strangely nostalgic, it feels like the band highlighted some of the best aspects of pop punk and put it into one cohesive project.

103. Panic! At The Disco – Pray For The Wicked / 6.22.2018 / Pop, baroque pop / My opinions on this record would irritate a lot of people so I’m not going to even get into it.

104. Christina Aguilera – Liberation / 6.15.2018 / Pop, hip hop, R&B / I was never really a Christina fan but listening to this record genuinely gave me chills. To say it’s amazing is an understatement.

105. Moody Blues – Long Distance Voyager / 5.15.1981 / Progressive rock / Very good balance of progressive rock and pop. Even the longer songs never feel like they drag on and the record as a whole is very fun to listen to.

106. Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap / 4.30.2013 / Hip hop, jazz rap / This is pretty cool.

107. Hayley Kiyoko – Expectations / 3.30.2018 / Pop, synth pop, electropop / The record starts off a little slow but definitely gets better as each song progresses, I can’t say I’m obsessed but I do really like a majority of it.

108. Kehlani – SweetSexySavage / 1.27.2017 / R&B / A good R&B record.

109. Shawn Mendes – Shawn Mendes / 5.25.2018 / Pop / I can’t say I had high expectations for this but I found this to be a rather decent modern pop record.

110. State Champs – The Finer Things / 10.8.2013 / Pop punk / Sounds a bit outdated, however the vocals and lyrics are all very good.

111. Kali Uchis – Isolation / 4.6.2018 / R&B, bossa nova, bedroom pop / Every song is different from the one that comes before it but the entire project stays incredibly consistent. There are so many different genre influences and it doesn’t sound like most modern pop music at all. It’s rare to come across something like this.

112. Queen – Sheer Heart Attack / 11.8.1974 / Hard rock, glam rock / Each song flows so nicely from one to the other but they all remain their own individual sounding tracks. That doesn’t happen very often.

113. Neck Deep – Wishful Thinking / 1.14.2014 / Pop punk / Although this doesn’t sound like the most original thing out there, I enjoyed the lyrics and melodies.

114. Nas – Illmatic / 4.19.1994 / East coast hip hop, jazz rap, hardcore hip hop / The influence and legacy of this record isn’t hard to understand. Truly a fine piece of work.

115. Led Zeppelin – Houses Of The Holy / 3.28.1973 / Rock / The thing that stuck to me most on this one was the growth as a band from their previous four records.

116. Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti / 2.24.1975 / Rock / Some might say this this the bands peak album and I would agree; this is quite possibly my favorite and the one I find most interesting.

117. Led Zeppelin – Presence / 3.31.1967 / Hard rock, blues rock / Doesn’t seem very sepefic on what it’s trying to achieve, it’s kind of just there.

118. Led Zeppelin – In Through The Out Door / 8.15.1979 / Hard rock, art rock / I don’t know how I feel about this one.

119. Led Zeppelin – Coda / 11.19.1982 / Rock / Basically a sampler platter of Led Zeppelins discography.

120. The Waterboys – This Is The Sea / 9.16.1985 / Rock, folk rock / In the folk rock genre, this is as good as it gets. Truly a remarkable album that’s exciting and energetic from start to finish without missing a single beat or sounding over used in any way.

121. Twenty One Pilots – Blurryface / 5.17.2015 / Alternative hip hop, electropop, indie pop / I feel like with their previous record, Twenty One Pilots built up a certain image and with this one, they solidified that sound.

122. Kanye West – ye / 6.1.2018 / Hip hop / If you look close enough, this record tells an interesting story.

123. My Chemical Romance – I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love / 7.23.2002 / Post hardcore, screamo, punk rock / Most people probably wouldn’t consider this “good” in terms of well produced music and I can’t deny how rough it all sounds but then again, I think that’s what makes it a remarkable record. It doesn’t feel forced, dramatic or overly dense at any point and is such a fun record to jam out to.

124. Marina and the Diamonds – Electra Heart / 4.27.2012 / Electropop, dance pop / A good mix of synth heavy pop songs with more toned down ones. Also, Marina’s vocals are stunning.

125. Ariana Grande – Sweetener / 8/17/2018 / Pop, R&B / I expected this to be better.

126. Mac Miller – Swimming / 8.3.2018 / Hip hop, jazz rap / Such a unique and interesting piece of work, definitely something very difficult to replicate.

127. Travis Scott – Astroworld / 8.3.2018 / Hip hop / This record really is as good as people say, however, it starts off strong and starts to get a little bland towards the end.

128. Jay Rock – Redemption / 6.15.2018 / West coast hip hop / Sounds like actual, real hip hop unlike the mumble rap that’s become popular over the years.

129. Andrew Bird – Are You Serious / 4.1.2016 / Indie folk / This sounds like something out of a fairytale at times. I wouldn’t say it sounds too much like either folk or indie, but there are some cool pop rock influences in there as well. Overall, this is such a lively project and one that’s remained one of my favorites.

130. Fiona Apple – Tidal / 7.23.1996 / Alternative pop / A very well put together album but I did have a hard time sitting through the 5+ minute songs at times.

131. Fiona Apple – When The Pawn… / 11.9.1999 / Alternative pop / For a record that was released three years after her debut, I expected this one to showcase a little more artistic growth, however, I did find it to be more listenable than Tidal.

132. Garbage – Garbage / 8.15.1995 / Alternative rock, dance rock / Way ahead of the game in terms of 90’s alternative rock, sounds very progressive.

133. Garbage – Version 2.0 / 5.11.1998 / Alternative rock, electronic rock / This one is pretty similar to their debut, just a little more electronic at times. The vocals and lyrics are also more defined, which is a step up in terms of production.

134. Kevin Abstract – MTV1987 / 7.15.2014 / Pop, alternative hip hop, alternative R&B / Definitely a little messy most of the time but I enjoyed and respect the experimental nature of it.

135. David Bowie – The Man Who Sold The World / 11.4.1970 / Hard rock, heavy metal / Undeniably fantastic.

136. All Time Low – Future Hearts / 4.3.2015 / Pop punk, power pop / Scattered and outdated. There were a few solid tracks but besides that, this record just wasn’t it.

137. Good Charlotte – The Young And The Hopeless / 10.1.2002 / Pop punk / I’d give this a mixed review.

138. Shakey Graves – Can’t Wake Up / 5.4.2018 / Unknown / This one’s hard to describe but I would absolutely recommend listening to it.

139. Poppy – Poppy.Computer / 10.6.2017 / Art pop, synth pop / There are plenty of parts on this record that are so fun and upbeat, but there are also some that seem very immature. I can’t tell what kind of audience this is aimed for.

140. Terror Jr – Bop 3: The Girl Who Cried Purple / 9.29.2017 / electronic pop / Even though most of the songs are pretty similar, this is one that I have gone back to numerous times without getting bored. The vocals are incredibly smooth and the pop production is absolutely perfect.

141. Third Eye Blind – Out Of The Vein / 5.13.2003 / Alternative rock / Different than their previous material in the best way. I enjoyed hearing how the band has evolved over the years.

142. The Everly Brothers – It’s Everly Time / 3.1.1960 / Rock n roll / Kind of boring.

143. Kellie Pickler – Kellie Pickler / 9.30.2008 / Country / There are a few good tracks on here but for the most part, this sounds like a basic country album.

144. Brand New – Deja Entendu / 6.17.2003 / Alternative rock, emo / I’m probably extremely biased because this is my favorite genre, but this project was phenomenal from start to finish.

145. Christina Aguilera – Stripped / 10.22.2002 / Pop, R&B / This album is just okay. I didn’t particularly like all of the small interludes, it felt like they broke up the project instead of unifying the songs as a whole but there were a few really great songs that stuck out to me that I keep going back to.

146. Counting Crows – August And Everything After / 9.14.1993 / Alternative rock / This is a record that took a few listens to grow on me but once it did, there’s no going back. It’s hard to deny the talent and effort put into this record and remains one of the most interesting pieces of music to come from the 90’s.

147. Counting Crows – Recovering The Satellites / 10.6.1996 / Alternative rock / A little more experimental than their debut.

148. Rascal Flatts – Rascal Flatts / 6.6.2000 / Country pop / I didn’t hate this as much as I expected to, it’s mostly an average country record but there are some standout tracks that make up for it.

149. Death Cab for Cutie – We Have The Facts And We’re Voting Yes / 3.21.2000 / Indie rock / Regarded as one of the best indie rock albums of all time and I couldn’t agree more. The under-produced sound on here makes you feel like you’re actually in the studio with the band and the lyrics tell such a strange, but relatable story from start to finish.

150. Janis Joplin – Pearl / 1.11.1971 / Blues rock, funk rock, R&B / This record is so genuine and I think that’s what makes it stand out among the rest. Janis Joplin truly wasn’t trying to be anyone else and it shows.

151. Twenty One Pilots – Trench / 10.5.2018 / Alternative rock / A very interesting and well put together record, but one that you really need to sit down and research to fully understand.

152. Lorde – Melodrama / 6.16.2017 / Pop, electropop / An absolutely phenomenal record.

153. Carly Rae Jepsen – Emotion / 6.24.2015 / Pop, electropop / There are some aspects of this that are way ahead of it’s time and the entire project is perfectly produced and enjoyable. This is pop music as it’s finest.

154. Mariana’s Trench – Astoria / 10.25.2015 / Pop rock / A good pop rock record. That’s basically it.

155. Motorhead – Ace Of Spades / 11.8.1980 / Heavy metal, speed metal / This record was very fast paced and normally not what I would prefer to listen to, but I found myself enjoying most of it. I can see why people like it.

156. My Bloody Valentine – Loveless / 11.4.1991 / Shoegazing / I couldn’t get through this one. Sorry.

157. Coldplay – A Rush A Blood To The Head / 8.26.2002 / Alternative rock / Loved this record from start to finish.

158. The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds / 5.16.1966 / Progressive rock, psychedelic rock / Pet Sounds truly is as great as the critics say. It sounds incredibly ahead of it’s time, with some aspects of it even sounding modern enough for this day. When it was released, it couldn’t be performed live, which just goes to show how intricate this really was.

159. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Cosmo’s Factory / 7.16.1970 / Country rock, blues rock / I would love country music if it all sounded like this.

160. Korn – Follow The Leader / 8.18.1998 / Nu-metal / I can see why this is liked but this was not a record that I would prefer to listen to again.

161. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Are You Experienced? / 5.12.1967 / Psychedelic rock, hard rock / One of the best debut records in all of rock music.

162. Deep Purple – Made In Japan / 4.1.1973 / Hard Rock, heavy metal / At times, it’s hard to believe this is a live album.

163. George Michael – Faith / 10.30.1987 / Pop, funk, R&B / I can’t say I loved every single song but I did love George Michael’s vocals on this and the entire feel of the record. It’s wonderfully cohesive without ever getting stale at any point and serves as a solid representation of pop music from the 80’s.

164. The Notorious B.I.G. – Ready To Die / 9.13.1994 / East coast hip hop / Tells such an intriguing story.

165. Gram Parsons – Grievous Angel / 1.1.1974 / Country rock / Makes me want to live in a cabin in the woods and proves that old country is the best country.

166. The Grateful Dead – Live/Dead / 11.10.1969 / Psychedelic rock, jam rock / Interesting.

167. Queen Latifah – All Hail The Queen / 10.28.1989 / Hip hop / This is a record full of life, substance and a little bit of experimentation. It’s so cool and genuine, with so many different ideas pulled into one, cohesive project.

168. Van Halen – 1984 / 1.9.1984 / Hard rock, heavy metal / The shift in genre halfway through the record was little rough but nonetheless, this isn’t necessarily a bad record.

169. Blur – Blur / 2.10.1997 / Indie, alternative rock / The songs on here that really stood out were absolutely amazing. And the songs that weren’t so great, were just “eh”. If I had to choose between Blur and Oasis back in the 90’s, I’d probably choose the latter.

170. Take Off – The Last Rocket / 10.2.2018 / Trap / Not bad, not all that great either. But definitely a lot better than most modern rap out there.

171. Pink Floyd – The Dark Side Of The Moon / 1.1.1973 / Progressive rock / Listening to this was so intense I literally thought I was going to freak out at some point during it.

172. Waterparks – Entertainment / 1.26.2018 / Pop punk / Although this was a fun record and had a lot to offer from pop punk, acoustic/folky sounds, to electronic moments, it becomes messy and hard to follow. It’s hard to get a grip on who the band actually is.

173. Tina Turner – Private Dancer / 5.29.1984 / Pop rock, new wave, R&B / I love the rock/R&B influences on this that keep it from becoming too pop oriented.

174. Bon Jovi – Slippery When Wet / 8.18.1986 / Hard rock, glam metal / Was named the top selling album of 1987 by Billboard and honestly, I’m not even mad about it. This is a fantastic area rock record where you can basically feel like you’re at an actual show if you try hard enough.

175. Bon Jovi – Lost Highway / 6.8.2007 / Country rock / I don’t hate this but definitely not my preference. Becomes a little corny at times.

176. Bon Jovi – This House Is Not For Sale / 11.4.2016 / Arena rock, pop rock / Sounds like a rather average record most of the time but I’m sure this would also sound much better if it was being performed live.

177. Sleater Kinney – Dig Me Out / 4.8.1997 / Punk rock / Ugh, this was a rough record for me to get through. The only thing I really enjoyed off of this one was a few of the singles.

178. Kim Petras – Turn Off The Lights, Vol 1 / 10.1.2018 / Pop / Pop bops with a spooky vibe.

179. Missy Elliot – Under Construction / 11.12.2002 / Hip hop, R&B / This was not what I expected but in the absolute best way. There a few songs on here that are perfectly reminiscent of old 80’s/90’s hip hop while others are perfect epitomes of early 2000’s R&B, but either way the entire project never hits an awkward spot in production or flow.

180. 21 Savage – I Am > I Was / 12.21.2018 / Hip hop, rap / I’m surprised at how much I actually liked this.

181. The Rolling Stones – Aftermath / 4.15.1966 / Pop rock, blues rock / I understand why this record was so successful but I expected it to be different.

182. Radiohead – OK Computer / 6.16.1997 / Art rock, alternative rock / Absolutely one of the best records ever released.

183. The Boo Radleys – Giant Steps / 8.31.1993 / Shoegazing, psychedelic pop / After listening to a few shoegazing records, I decided that the genre just wasn’t for me. But after hearing this record, I completely changed my mind. This features so many insanely cool instrumentals and feelings that I’ve never come across in any other genre or album. It’s difficult to describe, but with 90’s pop tunes, psychedelic oriented songs, all of the guitar bits and even a trumpet, this is a project worth listening to no matter what you’re in to.

184. As It Is – The Great Depression / 8.10.2018 / Pop punk / Cohesive yet dynamic, old yet new sounding. It’s amazing how some of this reminded me of My Chemical Romance and how the entire thing tells a story song by song. It made me feel nostalgic but with a desire to keep moving forward instead of looking back (does that even make sense?)

185. Peter Tosh – Legalize It / 1976 / Reggae / Such nice melodies and guitar riffs.

186. Set It Off – Upside Down / 10.7.2016 / Pop rock / I couldn’t get through this one. The most bland, substance-less pop rock I’ve probably ever heard.

187. Adele – 21 / 1.24.2011 / Soul, pop, R&B / Every song on here is great. Except for “Someone Like You”. I can’t stand that song.

188. I See Stars – Treehouse / 6.17.2016 / Metalcore, electronica / I really though upon first listen that this was going to be plain bad considering the genre, but this turned out to be one of my favorite records I’ve listened to. The mix of both genres is perfectly distributed and the melodies are perfect. Everything blends so nicely, but it’s one that you probably need to take a few listens to to fully comprehend.

189. Earth, Wind, and Fire – That’s The Way Of The World / 3.15.1975 / R&B, soul, funk / Of course this was great. Really, is there anyone who can dislike Earth, Wind and Fire?

190. Real Friends – Composure/ 7.13.2018 / Pop punk / This sounded like a mix of 2003’s Fall Out Boy and 2011 pop punk in general. It wasn’t bad by any means, just sounds a bit outdated and redone.

191. R.E.M. – Green / 11.7.1988 / Alternative rock, folk rock / I understand the meaning behind this but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to.

192. Knuckle Puck – Copacetic / 7.31.2015 / Pop punk, emo / With their debut, Knuckle Puck doesn’t feel like they’re trying to be anyone but themselves, and with intricate, storytelling lyrics and energetic instrumental, we’re presented with one of the best pop punk albums from the 2010’s.

193. Sheryl Crow – Tuesday Night Music Club / 8.6.1993 / Rock, folk, country / Most of this is rather forgettable.

194. Dance Gavin Dance – Downtown Battle Mountain / 5.15.2007 / Post hardcore, math rock / This was strange. There were so many great moments and equally so many that were just…strange.

195. Beastie Boys – Licensed To Ill / 11.15.2986 / Rap rock, hip hop / I didn’t like this at all.

196. I Don’t Know How But They Found Me – 1989 Extended Play / 11.9.2018 / Indie pop, alternative / Super cool, can’t wait for their full length album.

197. Frank Sinatra – In The Wee Small Hours / 4.25.1955 / Vocal jazz, traditional pop / I understand why this was popular in the 50’s but it’s not my thing at all.

198. Jon Walker – Impending Bloom / 1.1.2019 / Alternative rock / Very cool, nostalgic sounding.

199. Dusty Springfield – A Girl Called Dusty / 4.17.1964 / Pop / I honestly had pretty low expectations fro this considering most pop music from this tine all sounds the same but this project was so energetic and interesting, and genuinely so enjoyable to listen to. A phenomenal pop record.

200. Tyler, The Creator – Flower Boy / 7.21.2017 / Jazz rap, neo soul / So many of these songs were offered to other artists and they didn’t take them, and honesty, I’m glad they didn’t. This record is a doozey from start to finish but I wouldn’t want anyone else by Tyler, The Creator delivering it. It’s so cool in every aspect and remains one of the most unique records I’ve listened to.

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