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AViT – “Twitterloser”

Single, 2020 What’s funny about AViT’s “Twitterloser” is that the first time I heard it, I was scrolling through Instagram and it was playing from a TikTok that was reposted on the platform. It was only a short snippet but instantly I thought, “I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT SONG THIS IS”. Luckily, the creator put…

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Waterparks – “Dream Boy”

Track #3 off of Fandom, 2019 Upon first listen, I really, truly, absolutely HATED Waterpark’s “Dream Boy”. I deemed it a “Jonas Brothers knockoff” and complained that it remined me of a cheesy Disney song from the late 2000s. And yet, after a few years I revisited their third release, Fandom, and decided to give…

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Terror Jr – “Sweatpants”

Track #7 off of Bop City 2: TerroRising, 2017 Music in 2017 wasn’t great. I’m being completely serious. With the top songs including Ed Sherran’s “Shape of You” and the insufferable “Despacito”, I remember this point in music history as just being downright annoying. The production at this time was less than enthusiastic and everything…

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