Tink – Winter’s Diary 4 – Lyrical Highlights

One day while I was researching hip hop/rap albums to listen to, I came across Tink's Winter's Diary 4 on a handful of other websites and was instantly captivated. Her name was cool, the cover art was cool, and I particularly enjoy the idea of series' when it comes to records, singles or the like. [...]

Dashboard Confessional – A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar – Lyrical Highlights

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the early 2000’s had some of the absolute best music, especially when it came to the emo/pop punk genre. This was a point in time where nobody was trying too hard and music was fun because it felt so real. Whereas there are lots of artists [...]

Terror Jr – Bop City 2 – Lyrical Highlights

“Bop” is a modern day slang term used to describe a good song, and I can say with certainty that Bop City 2: TerroRising is full of them. Synth laden backing layered with light, smooth vocals mixed with memorable pop melodies make this concoction irresistible. At their core, each song is so genuinely fun and [...]

Harry Styles – Fine Line – Lyrical Highlights

Harry Styles’ sophomore album is truly something wonderful. From moments that are very rock n roll inspired, to stunning vocals and melodies, to some of the prettiest guitar pieces I might have ever heard, this record has it all. I might be a little biased considering Harry was always my favorite member of One Direction, [...]

100 gecs – 1000 gecs – Lyrical Highlights

Experimental pop as a genre is rather hit or miss: sometimes, it’s quite honestly some of the best music you can find while other times, it’s a hot mess express that really shouldn’t exist. With 1000 gecs, I must admit that it’s the former, not the latter. This was a record that was absolutely bonkers [...]

Moody Blues – Days Of Future Passed – Lyrical Highlights

Days Of Future Passed is now regarded as one of the most important rock albums, an album that was a first for many reasons. Aside from being the Moody Blues’ first concept album, it is also one of the first concept albums to ever exist, and is also one of the first cases of progressive [...]

Lyrical Highlights – Fall Out Boy – Infinity On High

Infinity On High is a weird record that’s over ten years old at this point. And honestly, it doesn’t get any less weird as the years go by. It’s a record that, as strange as it is, almost feels like the most familiar stranger you’ve ever met. The musical feel of it veers on the [...]