Miley Cyrus – “See You Again” – Live (Ten Years Later) "See You Again" was originally released as Miley Cyrus' first official single right at the end of 2007. The original song is rock pop, typical of the late 2000s. And it's amazing; sure it's a song from the times but even to this day it's incredibly catchy and entertaining. It felt genuine back then [...]

Yungblud – “Cardigan” & “I’m With You” – Cover Interestingly enough, I first heard this cover on the radio and was simply astounded by it's impeccable organization and delivery, but completely forgot about it until it resurfaced on my YouTube recommendations. And this is one of those things that I could talk non stop about, so the main thing I want to say [...]

Dobie Gray – “Drift Away” – Song Discussion

I'm sure everyone knows the Uncle Kracker version of this song that became insanely popular in the early 2000s but I just want to take a quick moment to showcase the original song by Dobie Gray (fun fact: Dobie actually sings background in Uncle Kracker's version and also appears in the music video. Super cool). [...]

Panic At The Disco – “Northern Downpour” – Song Discussion Today we’re taking it back all the way to 2008, to what once was a band called Panic At The Disco and their second studio album, Pretty. Odd. Now, back in the good old days when they were a full four piece group, they decided to completely change their sound for their second album, [...]

Bring Me The Horizon – “when the party’s over” – Billie Eilish Cover No matter if you've been a fan of Bring Me The Horizon since their metalcore roots or just recently got into the band from their most recent pop inspired album, one thing that's evident is the groups diversity and incredible talent. It's very hard to deny that they're genuinely good at every genre and [...]

G-Eazy – “I Mean It” – Music Video Discussion For a song with a chorus that says "If I ever said I f***** your b****, just know I meant it", I expected the video to be stellar. And honestly, I would say that without a doubt, it has lived up to my expectations. The entire thing teeters between serious and silly, where the [...]

Jessica Simpson – “Walkin’ ‘Round in a Circle” – Song Discussion

For some reason, one image that will never escape my mind is the music video for Jessica Simpson's single "A Public Affair" released in 2006 from the album of the same name. The video features Simpson and her friends at a rolling skate rink, and it's part parody, part comedy and to this day makes [...]

Taylor Swift – “All Too Well” & “Betty” Mashup When Taylor Swift released her surprise album, folklore, there was a frenzy to over analyze the lyrics and stories, and basically decipher what the whole album means. Surprisingly, there were also a lot of remixes that came out of these songs, most of which were mixed with some of her older acoustic based songs. [...]