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Bring Me The Horizon – "Follow You" – Music Video Discussion

  Bring Me The Horizon is a band that’s experienced it all; starting out in the metal core genre, the band have slowly evolved album by album and shaped their most modern sound into more of a relaxed, indie pop/rock feel. No matter what your preference on this band is, whether you prefer their roots […]

Melanie Martinez – Cry Baby – Tracklist Rankings

I’m a sucker for any sort of concept album but a concept album THIS good leaves me not even knowing what to do with myself. Melanie Martinez’s debut, Cry Baby, is centered around adult themes packaged in childlike tunes, with story book visuals and nursery rhyme references. The intricacy and attention to detail is absolutely […]

Thoughts On Artists Wanting To Release Music “Whenever They Want”

There’s been a strange phenomenon among many musical artists in the recent years where they’ve been wanting to release music quickly and whenever they feel like it. I’m unsure of what exactly started this idea but I do have a hunch it began with music streaming services. With music streaming now being more popular than […]